Our Spring term topic was ‘What could I be?’. Aspiration and Inspiration. Challenging stereotypes.
Watch the video of what we’ve been upto:
Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘What could I be?’ 
This is the video of the outcome of our 'Arts' week.
Our Autumn term topic is 'What does Kernow mean to me?'
This topic will allow us to celebrate and focus on Cornwall.
The Spring Term finished with a survival day. Over the term we have investigated why it is that we live on Earth and not anywhere else. Class Tamar looked at the importance of water in geography and the states of matter in science. 
Watch our whole school survival day below.
Watch the 'Launch' of our Spring topic below.
Continuing our Autumn topic we spent the day being engineers like Isambard Kingdom Brunel. His legacy from Victorian times still affects our lives today. How strong can you build a bridge with just 5 pieces of paper, string and a bit of tape?

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