Autumn 2017

Welcome back to school!
Week One
We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of the Autumn Term. Our Autumn walk helped us to identify many different changes to leaves and trees and we also spotted mushrooms, blackberries and apples around the school field.
Throughout the week, we have spent time learning with different partners and as part of bigger groups, helping us to develop friendships across Year 1 and 2. We're looking forward to our topic launch at the Eden Project on Wednesday.
Y1 & Y2 - please decorate the outside of your homework book and bring it back to school on Thursday.

Week Two


Our visit to the Eden Project was amazing – in the morning, we learnt about ‘green machines’ which is their special name for plants. It was fascinating to find out how plants use sunlight and water to create food for themselves. They’re like little food factories!


We also had some free time in the afternoon and we visited both the tropical and the Mediterranean biomes. We couldn’t believe how hot and sticky it was! One of our favourite things was the wobbly bridge because we managed to fit all of Yeqr 1 and Year 2 on it!


Homework – due in on Thursday.


Y2 - Please complete the noun alphabet in your book.


Week Three


This week we had great fun with the author Simon James. He showed us how he starts writing a book with a picture of the characters and then he creates a draft version in pencil. We really enjoyed it when he told his stories because he used different voices!


Mr Wilde was really impressed with our listening skills in our gymnastics session – he said that he is really looking forward to our next lesson and so are we.


Homework – due in on Thursday.


Y2 – Please complete the maths activity in your book.


Week Four


Well, we have had great fun this week – dressing up as cows on Wednesday as part of National Milk Day and finding out about where milk comes from as well as meeting a cow and calf! Year 1 carried out a tree survey on the school grounds which meant being detectives with magnifying glasses to help us look really closely at the differences between different trees.


Thursday was National Poetry Day and the theme was freedom. We learnt about the life-cycle of a butterfly and used drama to help us think about what it would be like at each stage before creating a poem about it. Mrs Illingworth was really impressed with our use of descriptive language.


Homework – due in on Thursday.


Y2 – Over the past couple of weeks, we have been practising asking and writing questions. As part of our topic ‘What does Kernow mean to me?’, I would like you to talk to family and friends about what you might like to find out to help you answer our big question.


Challenge yourself to write a question using each of the question starter words: What? Where? Why? Who? When? How?

Week Five


At the beginning of the week, we learnt about the meaning of the colours in Cornish tartan and created posters to tell other people about it. Later on in the week, we created our own tartan by choosing different colours that represented something that was important to us – Mrs Illingworth was so proud of our use of values when designing our tartan and when explaining our ideas.


We continued our butterfly theme this week by looking at symmetrical patterns. We challenged ourselves and our friends to follow some very tricky patterns.


Y2 Homework – due in on Thursday.


Please complete the maths activity in your book.

Week 6


As part of our topic, we investigated words in Cornish and found the words for some of our favourite things, like food, colours and numbers. It’s been interesting to hear about the different things that everyone would like to find out about Cornwall too.


This week, we have learnt a new song in our Music session ‘When I was one I sucked my thumb’ – it was so much fun singing and adding actions. We also heard the next part of the golden crab story and can’t wait for next week to find out what happens next.


Y2 Homework – due in on Thursday.


Please complete the sentence activity in your book.


Week 7


This week in Music, we practised and performed the sea-themed songs that we have learnt. We also used this as inspiration for our own stories – we planned them using story maps and then wrote them. Mrs Illingworth was really pleased with our use of Confidence and Enthusiasm for Learning.


We have also used Google Maps to talk about where Cornwall is and then placed different places in Cornwall on our giant map.


Y2 Homework – write a short story for the Children’s University competition. We’ve sent some information home.


Week 8


On Tuesday, Daya visited our school and we learnt about Hinduism. To begin with, we thought about the differences between us and decided that it was only our clothes and the colour of our skin. Daya brought lots of Indian clothes that we were able to dress up in and then we took part in meditation and learnt about prayer. In the afternoon, we made chapatis and tried potato curry and a special sweet which we really enjoyed. The adults were extremely impressed with our respectful behaviour.


Y2 Homework – due in Thursday 9th November 2017


This week, we have enjoyed the story of Katie’s adventures in London and it has inspired us to write our own stories about Katie visiting Cornwall.

Please choose your favourite place to visit in Cornwall and tell me all about it – you could design a poster, create a fact-file or write a paragraph about it.

We will be sharing these in class on Thursday morning as part of our English learning.

Week 9


During the week, we practised the ‘Children’s Chorus’ which is a song from the opera Carmen – it was great fun deciding which actions which should use in different parts of the song. Then, we got to put it all together with Class Lynher and Class Tamar.


We have also been using our senses to help us describe things. To begin with, we used carrots, apples and pears and then we went on to describe our favourite parts of the school. This has helped us with our plan for the beginning of Katie’s adventure in Cornwall. Then, we shared our favourite places to visit with our friends – it was really interesting to see how many were the same and how many were different.


Y2 Homework – due in Thursday 16th November


Please complete the ‘Odd Socks’ activity and record your workings on the sheet. We will stick these in your books next week.

Week 10


It was really fascinating to find out all about different types of chicken, duck and quail this week – Connor was brilliant at explaining how to look after them and Cooper helped him out. Mrs I was really pleased with our use of R & R when listening and when around the birds so that they didn’t get frightened.


On Friday, we really enjoyed dressing in our stripy and spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. In the morning, as part of our work in National Anti-bullying Week, we discussed the meaning of bullying and how we might recognise it. We played different games to help us understand that even though we are all different and unique, we are all equal. To show this, we decorated individual petals that will be put together as one flower.


Y2 Homework – due in Thursday 23rd November 2017


Please complete the Charlie and Lola wordsearch.


Remember to read at least 5 times and have your reading record signed too. Keep spotting words with the ‘ai’ sound in them and discuss the different spelling patterns which make this sound.