Autumn Term 1 2017

Welcome to the new school year and the new term in Class Tamar. Our whole school topic for this term is 'What does Kernow mean to me?' We will look at Cornwall from personal, local, national and historical  perspectives. We will look at the stone age in history. In science we will investigate plants. 
Week 7
We enjoyed ‘play in a day’ today. We all starred in 'Matilda'. Ollie, Essie and Brodie really impressed us with their acting skills.
This week we also had fun in fill a jar.
Week 6
We have done yoga and gymnastics in PE. We have been focusing on our balance and poise as well as body positioning. In RE we have been writing about our special place and what it means to us; we also drew a picture of it
Week 5
We have been looking at the paintings and drawings of LS Lowry and doing our own sketches of the school in a similar style. We have been focusing on the buildings and the stick men. We have also been using apparatus to add height to our jumps in PE.
Week 4
We have enjoyed learning about tin mines and then making tin mines out of clay. We drew a tin mine in the style of LS Lowry. 
This week was also 'Cow Day' as part of whole school milk day. We made poems about milk and video adverts to sell and promote milk.
Week 3
In English we have been writing in the role of a suspect, who may have conspired to kill Tutankhamen. We have written to another of the conspirators. We wrote one letter. Then discussed the impact of vocabulary and sentence structure and took part in a role play to help us capture our emotions. We then improved our letters based on this.
In Maths we have been looking at identifying the value of digits within a number.
Science and Computing this week involved us creating a page for a fact book about the types of puzzling plants. We used the internet to research and find pictures, and then we presented them in Powerpoint.
In French we have begun learning greetings and responses.
In PE we have been working on our jumping and travelling, focusing on body tension and stillness.
Simon James came to visit us and spoke to us about how he started writing stories. Our favourite bit was the WIR (Worm International Rescue)
Week 2
In English we have been investigating tenses. We looked at a tense story and found words that helped us identify the tenses. We then wrote our own tense stories. We also looked for further clues of how Tutankhamen died.
In Maths we have been looking at place value. We have been looking at answering problem solving and reasoning questions and how to explain our understanding.
In science we talked about what plants need to grow and planned an experiment to investigate these. We plant to put plants in different places and under different conditions to see what effects their growth.
In French we have been looking at how to ask for a name.
In PSE we have been continuing our password work creating our own passwords.
This week we went on a whole school trip (excl FS) to the Eden Project. We looked around the biomes and walked around the 'rain maker' platforms on the canopy walk. We then took part in a 'puzzling plants' workshop. We saw plant that were different to 'normal' plants.

Week 1

We have started our investigation into plants. We have learnt about the different part of a plant and their functions. We are looking forward to visiting the Eden Project to discover the weird and wonderful plants that they have. William discovered that cotton, the material lots of clothes are made from, actually comes from a plants seed head.

In our English we have begun our investigation into whether Tutankhamen was killed. We are reading lots of information and looking for the clues to help us.

 We have also been focusing on nouns in SPaG. Looking at common nouns and proper nouns.

In maths we played snakes and ladder with a twist. When we landed on a multiples of 2,5,10 (Yr3) 3,4,8 (Yr4) we had to do a forfeit. We have also begun investigating place value, making the largest number and the smallest number using digit cards.

In PE we started our yoga. We have been learning some balances and poses. We did the ‘mountain’ ‘dragon’ ‘tree’ and ‘downward facing dog’. In order to stay balance we had to focus and stay calm.

In digital literacy/PSE we have been learning about passwords and the importance of setting secure passwords and keeping them secret. We also made up our own passwords.

We have started with learning greetings in French. Ask us to teach you some.