Autumn Term 2017

Week One 
Wow! What a busy first week! Foundation Stage have had lots of fun exploring their new area and getting to know where things are. We have been practising writing our name and counting/recognising numbers to 5. The year ones have been really supportive and helpful- helping others put coats on and finding the toilets etc. They have been superb role models of Fourlanesend. 
To launch our topic of 'What does Kernow mean to me?', we have been looking at where we live and why it is so special. We have written postcards to a girl who lives on Bodmin Moor. We have asked her questions about where she lives and what she enjoys doing, as well as telling her about Kingsand, Cawsand and Millbrook.  
Week Two 
We enjoyed a visit by the Grenadier Guards this week. They talked to us about their important uniform and ow they train to live outdoors. We were surprised how light their bear skin hats were! 
In  English we have been writing about the story Sally and the Limpet by Simon James. We have written alternative endings, described Sally, made speech bubbles, created our characters and made limpet fact files. We have also created our rock pool on display covered in colourful limpets!
FS have learnt the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n      Please practise reading and writing them at home.  
Week Three
Guess who came to visit us this week? Simon James! He talked to us about how he became a writer when he was as young as us! He showed hos he brings his characters to life through water colour and read some of his stories. We particularly liked Rex, which might just be our next topic for writing. 
We went foraging on the field this week for blackberries and apples to make a crumble. It was yummy! 
We created our own rock pool setting and created characters for our own stories. We are looking forward to bringing these characters to life in our story writing next week. Some of our favourites include: Sneaky the Starfish who creeps into others homes and takes their things; Octo the rock pool magician and Finn the fearless fish. 
Week 4
This week we have been learning about hedgehogs and hibernation. We created our own hedgehog homes using sticks and leaves. We also decorated our own hedgehogs using a wide range of leaves looking at psttern, colour and shape. In maths we have been learning to add one more. 
The year ones ones have been learning to write non fiction. They had to think very carefully about what was fact and not their opinion. 
Week Five 
The year ones were superb working with the FS children to create poems for Poetry Day. We used our senses to explore the outdoors in Autumn. We discussed alliteration and adjectives to make our poems more exciting. Please come and check out our display in the shared area. 
Foundations stage have started Plan Do Reciew. This allows children to think carefully about a creation, using their own ideas,  thinking about what they will need and what will work best. It also allows them to test their theories and plans by putting them into action, usually with a friend. Finally, the children review their creations. They assess what went well and what they would do differently next time. This week the children made bug hotels. Their designs are in their learning journeys. 
Week Six
In maths the year ones have been learning to add and subtract using a number line and with objects. We created our own number stories and we have written the number sentences to match. We have also been learning our 2D shapes, naming them and talking about properties. We created scary shape monsters which are hanging in the classroom. 
FS have been collecting different nuts and leaves, counting them and matching them to the correct numeral in our fun tough spot tray. We used tweezers, timers and baskets to make it tricky! 
Week 7 
We had fun making our Matilda production with Play in a Day. We learnt new songs and how to use a camera- it was very exciting!. 
Using random objects and characters, we used traditional story language to create our very own stories. We decided to make them into zigzag books.