Autumn Term 2 2017

Year One Homework Autumn Term 2
Homework this term will be focused on maths. Your child will have new homework each Friday, this is due in the following Friday. Their homework can be found in their green homework book. If your child is unable to complete their homework at home one week, please make sure they attend homework club on a Monday lunch time. If you would like some support or are unsure of what to do, please do not hesitate to contact  Mrs Perry who will be happy to help. Thank you. 
FS and Year One Homework
All children are expected to read at home 5 times a week. Please make sure this is recorded in your child's reading record. Thank you. 
Week One 
We are feeling very lucky! Mr Saunders has built us a pirate ship! This week, we have been busy this week painting it and creating our very own pirate characters. We have made hats, swords and cannons to go with our cuddly toys, as well as making a character profile. 
We have also been learning about skeletons. We made skeletons using salt dough and cotton buds. We recorded facts to go with them. Following the theme of Halloween, we have also been exploring pumpkin. We had to think of lots of describing words for Mrs Miller so she would know what we were talking about without her seeing it! We also made a number cobweb- there were numbers and spiders hidden in a giant web. We had to count the spiders and find the matching number. 
Week Two 
We were very lucky this to have a special visitor- Daya brought beautiful Hindu clothing for us to try on and taught us all about Diwali and pray rituals. Check out the pictures below. 
In English we have been learning a new story called 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. We can retell the whole story with actions and expression. We have been exploring capacity through potion making and writing about our favourite part of the story. The year ones have written potions recipes. 
Week Three
We have been busy designing and creating our very own Class Plym Scones. They are incredibly sticky and sweet! We enjoyed them the Cornish way - jam first. We are putting out pictures and instructions together to create a recipe for others to follow. Now everyone can enjoy our yummy scones! 
Following on from our Room on the Broom English work, we have made alliterative spells and enjoyed writing questions to the witch. Erin did a fantastic job of acting as the witch and answering questions from her perspective. We have also been using our imaginations to think of alternative endings to the story. One child suggested the witch creates a flying dragon bus, where all the characters hop on and fly away. Another child suggested that the witch turned the dragon into a swimming pool which the other characters all enjoyed. 
In maths we have been learning to count in twos, fives and tens. We made giant stepping stones on the playground and posters to help us. We have used numicon, hands and money to help us. To extend our learning we created a shop, where we would have to apply our new skills to find the correct money! 
Week Four
We had a brilliant trip to Carnglaze Caverns this week. The children learnt all about Cornish mining. We put hard hats on and stepped down into the cave. It was exciting exploring shadows and our echo over great pools of water. After we had been in the cavern, we went on a woodland walk hunting for fairies. There were many hidden in the bushes, by fairy doors and hanging in the trees.
We used the cave as inspiration for stories. We started by thinking of describing words to set the scene. The children thought of words like 'gloomy', 'misty' and 'mysterious'. In groups we invented a character and chose a problem pebble to prompt the middle of our story. Following this, we had to think of a resolution to fix the problem and bring our story to a happy end! 
Back in school this week, we have been busy practicing our nativity. It is coming together well and we are excited to perform! 
Week Five 
This week we have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees. We went on a long walk around the field searching for evergreen. In small groups we had to find five different evergreens each. We arranged them in bunches and Mrs Perry helped us put them together on a wreath which is hanging in reception. 
In our outdoor area we have been building obstacle courses. We have made bridges, stepping stones and counting challenges. We have been building our confidence and taking new risks. It has been great to see so many of us improving our balance and coordination. 
In maths we have been learning to use greater than and less that signs to compare groups. We made crocodiles to help us remember- Greedy Graham always munches the bigger numbers! In English we have been writing stories inspired by our trip to Carnglaze Caverns last week. 
Week  6 
This week we have been very busy practising our Nativity- singing, dancing and acting. It is looking really good and we’re excited to perform to the nurseries next week for our dress rehearsal.
In English, the year ones have been learning to use capital letters and full stops accurately. We found this really tricky, especially putting them in a paragraph. We found reading out loud really helped us. 
In marhs, we have been learning count one more and one less from any given number. We’re enjoyed using Fred the frog on the lily pads to help us. 
Week 7 
This week we had our dress rehearsal for our Nativity. We were very excited to perform to the nurseries, it was lovely to catch up with our old teachers. They were all very proud of us and commented on how confident and enthusiastic we were. We are looking forward to the real thing next Wednesday at 1:15pm. In addition to this, we have been learning about what Christians believe and why Christmas is celebrated. We have also looked at how people prepare for the festive season and linked this to our own experiences. 
Following this learning, we have been very busy preparing for our Christmas Fayre. We have made salt dough hanging decorations, angels and layered trees. Our fayre was a great success and our decorations sold well.