Autumn Term 2 2017

Week 8 
Week had a brilliant week this week with the school Christmas lunch, class parties, visit from Christmas. 
Have a good holiday and see you in the New Year.
Week 7
This week in history we looked at how we know about the Stone Age and the evidence that we have to understand that part of history. We also research Skara Brae and how that settlement was different to other Stone Age sites.
In science we have explored reflections,mirrors and shadow. We carried out many investigations bring in lots of mathematical knowledge to help us measure, change angles and identify symmetry. As part of our understanding of reflections we designed and made badges to help us be seen in the dark for road safety. We made designs and justified our choice of materials. We are now waiting for a dry evening for Mr Wilde to test their effectiveness.
Week 6
This week in maths we applied our subtraction and knowledge of exchanging to problem solving and reasoning questions. In English we concluded our unit by writing a conversation, we then assessed our work on a marking ladder and made improvements. In history we learnt about persuasive writing in order to create an advert to sell our Stone Age weapons.
This week we have also performed our opera Carmen. We were really excited to perform on the big stage at TCC. Our hard work paid off as the film and performance were fantastic.
Week 5 
In English this week we have been looking at the impact of adjectives and powerful verbs have on our description and the images they create. 
In maths we have been working on column subtraction and tackling tricky exchanging. 
In PE we have been creating dance moves to match lines of a poem. Push and pull, Turn and screw. We are going to add these to our 'machine' dance.
We have also been continuing to refine our Carmen performance with the rest of the school. It's really coming together now!
Week 4
In English, we have been reading a story called ‘Storm’ and have been discussing what might happen next. We have looked at the feelings of the main character Annie and how she copes with a challenge that faces her and her family. In PE we have been doing a robot dance and a robot Mexican wave - great fun! We have also been investigating light sources - does it create light or does it reflect? We now know that is it reflects light it is not a source of light eg the Moon. In maths we have been tackling problems in column addition and have begun to solve column subtraction with exchanging.
Week 3
This week, we went to Truro on the train and visited the museum and the cathedral. In the cathedral we got to dress up as lots of different roles to do with the cathedral such as the Bishop, Verger, Canon and choir. We have enjoyed using the apparatus in PE and balancing
Week 2
Daya came in this week and we made chapatti’s which were yummy. We learnt about different aspects of Hinduism, including the different gods that they worship. We have also been enjoying using the PE apparatus in the hall.
Week 1
We have been learning about the parts of the flower, through flower dissection - looking inside the different parts of the flower. We also looked at pollination.
This week we have also looked at performance poetry and forms of poetic language such as personification and onomatopoeia.