Spring 2018

Weeks One & Two

Happy New Year and welcome back to school.

This term our big topic question is ‘What could I be?’ We will be looking at children’s aspirations for the future as well as challenging stereotypes. Throughout the term, we will be holding focus weeks where we will be putting a spotlight on different pathways that the children could follow in the future.

Our focus this week has been on ‘Developing aspirations and challenging stereotypes’. We began by looking at ourselves and what makes us unique – in our Science learning we discussed what happens as we grow from a baby to a toddler and then through childhood into adulthood. In PE, we worked in pairs to challenge ourselves in different ways – at the end of the session, we felt excited and proud that we had been able to achieve the challenges and even set more.

We have also discussed our perceptions of male and female characteristics, their likes/dislikes and possible jobs and following this, next week, we will be looking in more depth at stereotypes.

Homework – due in Thursday 18th January 2018

Y2 – Please complete the maths activity sheet and remember to include your workings (pictures, number-lines etc).

Week 3

Throughout the week, we have continued our discussions about different jobs that we could do and that they can mostly suit boys and girls and are not just gender specific. The ‘What if…’ poems that the children have created are wonderful – look out for them when you’re in school and you will be amazed by the children’s fantastic aspirations!

Bread-making was also a great success on Thursday – some of the children were very knowledgeable about the ingredients and how they work as well as where they come from. The children used their school values throughout.

Homework – due in Thursday 25th January 2018

Y2 – Please complete the comprehension questions.

Week 4

This week, we welcomed Lovisa to our class – she is from Sweden and will be working with us for three weeks. She has already built great relationships with the children in Y1 and Y2 and we’re looking forward to asking her lots of questions about Sweden next week.

Our focus in Science has been on the season of Winter – we had a lively discussion about the weather to expect in Winter and then focused on the differences in weather between Scotland and Cornwall. We then designed clothes for both areas and looked at the similarities and differences. On Friday, we thought carefully about how we can use our values of Respect and Responsibility, Kindness and Honesty when spending time with our friends or when ensuring that all children feel happy in school. The children worked in pairs to make something special for each other and we were amazed by their creativity.

Homework – due in Thursday 2nd February 2018

Y2 - Our Swedish student Lovisa will be answering your questions about Sweden next Thursday – please put your News Detectives hats on and create some interesting questions using the question words below.

What?      Who?        Where?    When?      Why?        How?


Week 5

Our focus this week has been ‘Being Healthy’. We used the Change 4 Life guidance to investigate what being healthy actually means, with a more detailed focus on how to be sugar smart. The children were surprised to find out how much sugar there is in certain foods and drinks and we learnt how to measure sugar in cubes. We followed this with a whole school investigation into different types of fruit as we found out that natural sugars in fruit are okay for us. It was great to try such a range of fruit and the children and adults all found new favourites!

As part of our focus week, we have also increased the amount of activity we do during the day, finding innovative ways to add 5 minutes in every lesson – the children have shown an enormous amount of E for L throughout. Our English and Maths learning in Y2 has also been linked to our focus week, with the children asking questions, recording in their notebooks and creating bar charts too.

Whole School Homework – ready for Thursday 8th February

The children have a copy of the lyrics to our new Singing Assembly song – please have a go at learning them like a poem.

Week 6

Our Wellbeing week has been a great success – there have been quiet times as well as focused mindfulness sessions. In our Science learning we became Tooth Defenders (superheroes in disguise) which helped us find out about different types of teeth as well as how to look after them. This linked really well to our Sugar Smart learning last week and the children designed their own Tooth Defender posters to help everyone learn about teeth too.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Lovisa with us for the past three weeks, she has taught us how to count in Swedish as well as how to say the alphabet and the months of the year. She also answered our varied questions about living in Sweden – we are going to miss her!


Take some time out to make a glitter jar and use it to help you have calm time every day.

Week 7

Our Arts week has been great fun and we have found out about different areas like music, drama and dance. During the week, we listened to different types of music and talked about the styles we liked best and how it made us feel.

On Tuesday, Rosie and some friends helped us to create a unique piece of artwork for our classroom door – we enjoyed working with people who have chosen to do art as their job. We also found out about the Chinese New Year race which the Jade Emperor created to name the years – throughout the week, we used drama and dance to help us learn the story and understand the different characters.

On Wednesday, we looked at some old and new artwork from China and discussed the differences and similarities – we found it fascinating that you could use very little colour and also lots of colour to create stunning pictures.

Homework due in Thursday 1st March 2018

Y1 & Y2 – please make up a song or a game to help you learn some of the spellings that you find tricky.

Weeks 8 & 9

What a lovely surprise for everyone to enjoy some time in the snow – only a few weeks ago, as part of our Science learning, we discussed how winter in Cornwall is mainly rainy compared to Scotland where they often have snow. We won’t be able to say that anymore!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on retelling stories (fairytales as well as stories from the Bible) – we have used different mediums to do this including; artwork, puppet shows and drama. We have all thoroughly enjoyed sharing our different ideas and have used R & R throughout.

As artists, we have focused on using primary and secondary colours. We have discussed how the artwork of Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko made us feel, whether we liked it or not and then used their ideas as inspiration for our own. Our classrooms are looking very colouful.

Week 10

Our STEM week has been great fun – we have focused on Science and Engineering as part of our Primary Engineering project. To begin with, Year 2 carried out research into different types of vehicles, discovering their features as well as learning some new words like chassis and axle. Next, we used this information to help us design our own wacky vehicles. Our STEM engineer, Ellis, who is a weapons engineer helped us to build the chassis and axles for our vehicles – we really enjoyed having him in our class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Year 1 began with a trip outside to discover how the wind shows itself – it was so windy that we struggled to stand up! Next, we investigated different uses of wind before focusing on wind turbines – we discussed how we could make them blend into the countryside and then designed our own.

Homework – due in Thursday 22nd March

Y2 – please complete the times tables work.

Y1 – please complete the proper nouns work.

Week 11

Our week has been focused around story-telling, in particular, the stories of Noah’s Ark and David and Goliath from the Old Testament and The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep and Jesus calms the storm from the New Testament. The children have enjoyed acting the stories out, creating puppets and drawing detailed pictures to represent them too – they have used Respect and Responsibility when considering each other’s beliefs as well as reflecting on the links to our everyday lives such as carrying out acts of kindness.

We also completed our set of instructions for making a chassis and tested our vehicles using a ramp in the classroom. The tests enabled us to see where we could make improvements before building the bodies. We thoroughly enjoyed coming to school yesterday in our sports gear and taking part in the dodgeball tournament.

Easter Homework

Y1 & Y2 - Please complete as many of the reading challenges as you can.