Spring Term 2018

Week one 
We have had a busy first week back in Class Plym. We have been thinking all about what we could be when we grow up and we have had some great ideas! We are going to spend the term looking at the roles of different jobs we are interested in and what type of person you need to be. This  week we have been looking at hospitals; what they are for and who works there. We have a toy hospital as our role play. We practised our bandaging and used real stethoscopes. We have also made an x ray machine. 
The year ones have written a recount about their Christmas holiday in English. In maths we have found different ways to sort items and learnt to use the part-whole model to show our findings. FS  been have been making symmetrical patterns and repeating patterns on snakes! 
Week Two 
Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man!
The Gingerbread Man has taken over in Class Plym. We have been very busy designing and building bridges to help him cross the river. We also made an experiment to investigate what puddle he would last the longest in: water, oil or vinegar- it was very interesting. We have also been retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man through our story scene role play and programming Beebots along a story road. 
On Friday, we learnt all about bread making and made our own with Mrs Boyle. It was very yummy! 
The Year Ones and Foundation Stage worked together to act out the story of the Gingerbread man. We have all completed book reviews and sequenced pictures before writing about each part of the story. We are looking forward to comparing the Gingerbread Man to other traditional tales this term. 
Homework: Due Friday the 26th January
This week the children have been given a list of tricky words. We would like them to apply the words in sentences in their homework books. Don't forget to read five times! 
Week Three
This week we baked some delicious gingerbread men. We weighed and measured ingredients, studied the recipe for bossy words and learnt how to follow instructions. Once are gingerbread men were golden brown from the oven, we decorated them using icing sugar, raisins and smarties. 
We have started to create our own version of the story. To begin, we have created and described our own story setting and characters. There have been some very interesting ones: a talking swiss roll, a cuddly polar bear who is shy and a bouncy bunny who wins races. Foundation Stage have been learning 2D shapes while decorating Gingerbread Men. They have been building a village for a family of Gingerbread Men to live in. 
In Maths this week we have been revisiting our number bonds to 10. We looked for patterns and learnt how to using our bonds to 10 to learn number bonds to 20. We played a fun game where we hid numicon all over the playground and went hunting for the matching bonds. 
Our homework this week is another list of tricky words. These need to be spelt correctly in a a range of sentences. This is due on Friday. Please check your homework books. 
Week 4
This week we have planned our own version of the gingerbread man. We used our plan to practise becoming excellent story tellers before writing it down. Our high fives have been a useful tool to ensure our writing has capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, clever spelling, neat handwriting and that it makes senses.
In maths we have been transferring our number bonds to 10 into bonds into 20. We found a game on the interactive whiteboard that we absolutely love.
Foundation stage have been writing speech bubbles for the gingerbread man and ordering numicon. We have also been getting our dancing fingers on with dough disco. This helps to improve our fine motor skills.
Homework: tricky word word search in homework book. Due next Friday.
Week 5

Mystery in Class Plym!

The children came into school to discover the classroom was in a bit of a mess! There was a trail of gingerbread crumbs, Smarties everywhere, letters on the floor and a chair tipped over. The children used their investigation skills to detect and record the clues. After that, they drew pictures of what they thought had happened. We discovered that the letters spelt out gingerbread men.

That night, Mrs Perry put a camera in the class to see if anything happened. The following morning there was footage of gingerbread men running across the classroom! There were six gingerbread men and one gingerbread angel. 

Year ones have been writing newspaper reports to tell the world our exciting news. 


Week 6
We have had a great start to the half term. Thank you everybody for your hard work.  
We have enjoyed a special visit from the Maker artists who helped us paint panels for our class door. Each door is themed around one of the school values and ours is kindness. It includes friendships, helping and looking out for friends. 
As part of arts week and Chinese New Year, we have been making Chinese blossom art and turned them into fans, improved our scissor skills by making lanterns and worked on our hand eye coordination to do Chinese writing. We were so proud of all of the things we made, we thought it would be a great idea to use them as props for a Chinese dance! We made a ginormous Chinese dragon too. We used our confidence and performed our dance to the whole school! 
Week 7 
Snow Days
Week 8
This week in Class Plym, we have been experimenting with different ways of moving and building obstacle courses. We used hoops, stepping stones and pipes to make a limbo! 
In maths we have been learning to add by adding two groups together. We have learnt how to use symbols in number sentences too. 
Our English topic this week has been Little Red Riding Hood. We have read different versions and compared the differences. Mrs Perry made some spoon puppets, we enjoyed using them to retell the story putting on the voices of the different characters.  For writing we wrote speech bubbles for the different characters. There is some great writing on the 'Writing to be proud of' board. 
Whole School Homework- due next week. We will be entering your designs into a competition and they could become a real thing! ......
Identify a problem that affects you, your family, your village or the whole world. Come up with an invention that solves the problem, draw and label your design, explaining how it works. 
Week 9
This week it has been STEM week- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Using a variety of resources, we have been busy designing, building and reviewing. 
Our first task was to create something to transport a pencil from one side of the classroom to the other. Our second task was to design and build a bridge. We had to think very carefully about position, weight, distance, measure and force. 
In maths the year ones have been learning represent numbers between 1-50. We have used numerals, numicon, ten frames, base ten and sticks. 
Y1 Homework
Draw a map of where you live and label it with the names of places. Remember our learning on proper nouns and ensure that names of places have capital letters!
Week 10 & 11 
We have been finding ways to measure our different creations in the construction area. We have used pencils and sticks to compare length and height. It has been tricky measuring accurately but we are getting better! 
We have also been busy practising for our Easter performance- 5 Easter Eggs in a sweet shop. We have decorated ginormous eggs as props. We are looking forward to showing off our Easter bonnets at the Easter performance. The theme is 'What I would like to be'. 
In phonics we have learnt sounds 'ai' 'or' 'igh' and 'ee', try writing them within words at home or spotting them in your reading books.  
Have  a lovely Easter Break everyone.