Spring Term 2018

Week 6
Well-being Week 
Week 5
Health Week.
Week 4
This week we have been looking at the parables of Jesus, understanding what a parable is and acting out the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’. We then wrote an updated version. 
We have been learning and applying our 4 times table and 9 times tables. We have been using concrete and pictorial methods to help us with our calculations. 
In English we have been continuing a story of Cinderella using show not tell and fronted adverbials.
Week 3
This week has been our assessment week. We have all used our confidence values this week. 
We made bread. It was really healthy and tasty.
We have started to make our PowerPoint autobiography presentations. We have also been developing our machine dance.
Week 2
In Maths we have been learning multiplication and division facts associated with our 3 and 6 times tables. We have been looking at how we can show these in concrete and pictorial representations. 
In English we have been on a SPAG focus looking at apostrophes, direct speech, articles, prefixes and fronted adverbials. We have also started our autobiographies unit beginning to look at the autobiography of Little Red Riding Hood. 
As part of our topic we have been looking at stereotypes and challenging them. We are learning to be happy about who we are and celebrating are differences.
Week 1
This week we have been celebrating our old topic, wrapping up 'What does Kernow mean to me?'. We worked with Class Plym and discussed what Cornwall means to us. We filmed video clips of our understanding. We also finished off our art project, painting our Cornish Choughs with pictures about Cornwall. 
To launch our new topic 'What could I be?' we celebrated our own individual identities buy creating a badge/coat of arms. We then created a picture about what we would like to be. Maya Plass came into talk to us about her job and how she got there. Her story was very interesting and lots of us were inspired.