Summer Term 1 2017

Week One
Wow, what a busy start to the term. I hope you all had a fantast Easter break.  We've heard lots of exciting stories this week in Class Plym. The children were very excited to tell us about their Easter hunts, skiing, swimming, beach trips, seeing family and much more. We started the week by sharing our Easter experiences and writing recounts. 
On Tuesday, we had our whole-school survival day! Mrs Cunningham was leading art while Mr Wilde was shelter building. Mrs Gibbs had us cooking yummy treats on the fire and Mrs Perry was helping us build fires and whittle sticks for our marshmallows. EVERYONE was a fantastic member of the team at Fourlanesend and a great day was had by all. Well done, team FLE! :)
On Friday, we made and sold over 200 pasties. There were four kinds of pasties, each inspired by a country in the UK. Each of us took it in turns to fold and crimp the pasties after adding the yummy fillings. We hope you enjoyed a pasty on your way home!
Week  Two & Three
This week in Class Plym, we have looked at how the Native Americans lived. We learnt about different types of homes including long houses, tepees and wattle and daub homes. We decided that the best way to find out how hard it was for the natives to build a home with only natural materials, was to build one ourselves. First, we used sticks to build a frame. Next we mixed and mud and water and used it to build up around the sticks. Finally we made the roof with sticks and straw.

In English, the year ones and foundation stage have been reading the story ‘Man on the Moon’. We have looked at the main character’s daily routine, his experience on the moon and the sneaky aliens that have been watching and following him. The year ones wrote about a trip to the moon. Foundation stage made their own aliens and wrote a sentence or labels to go with it!