Anthony James visit

On Thursday 17th March we had a visit from Anthony James a London 2012 Olympic swimmer.  He gave a really motivational talk in assembly where he explained to the children, how, from the age of 14, he had drawn the Olympic rings and pinned them to his bedroom wall so every time he went to sleep the last thing he saw were the Olympic rings (the thing he was aiming for) and first thing in a morning when waking he also saw them. He had to, and still does, get up every morning at 4.45am to get to the pool for 5am to begin his 3 hour morning training session and he returns to the pool in the evening to do the same again.  He said he has had to work really hard but has been rewarded by having the opportunity of representing Great Britain in the London 2012 Olympics.  He also said he has had the opportunity of travelling all over the world to compete in different events.  
All children (and some members of staff - well done staff!) were able to take part in a circuit of 4 activities: Spotty dogs, leg drives, press ups and star jumps.  Each activity lasted 1 minute before moving onto the next.  Anthony and his sister Sarah were there to motivate the children along with other classes cheering and supporting their peers.  It was a great morning and the children were extremely motivated at the end, in fact during the assembly, Sarah asked whether they would like to do it again the following day and all the childre were in agreed that they would.
The children were asked to raise sponsorship and the money raised will be split between the school and Sports for Schools (an organisation that helps GB athletes with their training, equipment and travel - and where GB athletes give motivational talks to children).