April 2017

16th April 2017
Wow! What a spectacular effort, as always, for our Easter bonnets! This year the theme was 'Space', inline with our spring term topic 'Why do we live on Earth?'. The innovative thinking, creativity and time spent on them made it incredibly difficult for teachers to judge the favourites. They truly were brilliant. 
We showed off our bonnets all the way from school to Cawsand Congregational Church- where each class performed. FS performed two nursery rhymes, Year 1 and 2 sang a lovely song about temptation and chocolate, Tamar performed 'I wondered lonely as a cloud' by William Wordsworth and Lynher beautifully sung 'Rain' by the Beatles. 
Happy Easter, everyone! From all at Fourlanesend. 
Pasty Day
In our usual whole-school spirit, Fourlanesend came together to make over 200 pasties! The children were inspired by their school houses: Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. They decided on a different flavour pasty for each house.
Northern Ireland: irish beef and potatoes
Scotland: neeps and tatties
Wales: lamb, leek and mint
England: chicken tikka
The children designed posters for advertising and organised the afternoon pasty sale. Every class came to the school hall to make the pasties; putting in filling, pasting and crimping. Class Lynher impressed us all using their confidence value selling the pasties and making sure every single one was sold! 
We raised over £100 for the school. Well done, everyone! A fantastic team effort. 
We are so lucky to have so many beaches around us. It is important that we know how to use them safely and responsibly. The RNLI joined us this week to talk to us about staying safe at the beach and in the sea. Here are some of the things we learnt: 
* Swimmers and body boarders should stay between the red and yellow flags. 
* Black and white flags are for surfers.
* Red flags mean danger! 
* Orange windsock means no inflatables. 
* What the lifeguards will be wearing and where to find them. 
* How to recognise a rip current. 
* Swim diagonally out of a rip current- think of it like a river and swim to the bank (the side).  
* If you are drowning, wave one arm to get attention and use the other to stay afloat. 
* Keep an eye on the tide times.
*Always keep yourselves well-covered, wear a hat and sun cream.