Autumn 1 2021

End of Half Term
Please look through the photobooks to see what we have been doing this half term
Friday 15th October
In English we have been building up our knowledge of key parts of a newspaper. We wrote an orientation which is the introduction to a newspaper report. It's really important to put it in chronological order. Today we learnt about quotes. We have now finished reading The Watertower. We really enjoyed it but we want a second one as they left it on a cliffhanger and we want to know what happened.
In PE we split into three teams and had a mini tournament. The scores were very close. Rory, Megan, Casey-Jo, Corin, Oscar, Erin, Phoebe and Dylan all scored a try.
In maths we have been working on short division or the bus stop method. It was really fun. Some of us used numicon to help.
For computing we were continuing with our work on loops and had an loop to help a farmer pick their crops. This was a type of conditional block.
The year 6s had the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Barnados this week. This was about healthy relationships. We enjoyed making plates to show where you could go for help. We also looked at stereotypes of girls and boys and what jobs they might do. We thought that the jobs could be done by both boys and girls.
Reading every day aloud and signed by an adult
Spellings due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday - exercise 6
Friday 8th October
In science we looked at what colour light is. We made a rainbow colour wheel and found that light is made from all different colours but appears white. The famous mathematician and scientist Isaac Newton demonstrated with a triangular prism.
For PE we learnt more about passing and how to stay behind the player with the ball so they could use the pop pass and spin pass. We did a three team tournament after some practice. For our other PE we made up a dance to show an object being turned on.
In English we built up on our understanding of suspense using show not tell. We showed how Bubba felt in our story.
For computing we built on our knowledge of loops and included conditionals as if statements. The last level was very challenging.
Reading every day aloud to an adult and signed
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday - exercise 5 - spend 20 minutes on this
Friday 1st October
In science we observed some optical illusions involving refraction. We were able to make things disappear and change direction.
Our PE topic is tag rugby. We played our first match in class. We had to remember to side step and always pass backwards, we also used the pop pass and the spin pass.
In our other PE session we made a dance which had to include different things including: repetition; different levels; leaps and jumps; isolation and different speeds.
Today we enjoyed writing monologues from one of the characters' point of view. We liked using different sentences to show what they were feeling. When we read them out to our partner we had to really sound like we were blurting it out.
For our distance write this week we wrote adventure stories in the style of Mr Benn. We got to pick our own adventure and could write about something we are really interested in.
In computing we did nested loops; this is where you put a loop in a loop which meant that we could draw multiple shapes. It was quite challenging.
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Reading aloud every day to an adult to be signed in reading record
School council votes to be held next week, please prepare your speech by Wednesday if you want to be considered.  
Friday 24th September
We did tag rugby in PE. We learnt different kinds of passing like the pop pass and spinning pass. You have to make sure you are behind the person passing the ball or it is a forward pass.
In art we had a black and white picture of a face. We cut it in half and then observed it closely to fill in the other half using white chalk and charcoal. We used lots of E for L to make them as close to the original as possible.
For geography we made posters about the Caribbean island of Haiti to persuade people to go there.
In dance we used improvisation to make a dance to demonstrate an electrical circuit. We had someone as the battery and everyone else had to follow their lead to get the circuit going and then when the battery ran out the rest of us had to as well.
In French we learnt the names of more places you might visit and thought about how we might remember them.
Please do page 3 for maths. Spend 20 minutes on it. Due Thursday.
Spelling due Tuesday.
Reading every day.
Making periscopes in Science was fun. We had to use our knowledge of how we see and how light reflects off of a mirror to make them. We used lots of E for L.
We have continued to study our book in English. We focussed on the characters and how they were thinking and might react using inference from what we had read.
In RE we looked at a religious and scientific idea of how the world was made. 
In art we did another observational drawing of our hand using the marking from last week to improve them. Everyone made good progress.
Spelling homework due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Reading record due in everyday
It has been a relaxing start to the year. We enjoyed beginning a coding unit in computing. We had fun doing observational drawings of our hand. We had to draw what we saw not what we thought we saw. We used our R and R value playing a team game of bench ball in PE.
Maths due in Thursday. Complete 20mins independently. You do not have to finish the page.
Reading daily - make sure your reading record is in each day to be checked
Spelling - due in Tuesday
If you have any cereal boxes, please send in to class for next Friday's science investigation.