Autumn 2- 2021

Friday 17th December 2021
Wow, what an end to a very busy term.
We have all had a great term settling into Class Cremyll and all of the grown ups have been very proud of what we have achieved so far this year. 
This week we have been focused on wrapping up our topic work and solving some Christmas challenges. Our favourite was solving the Christmas Joke Code Breakers. 
On our last day we enjoyed exploring some Science experiments discovering the wonders of cause and effect making: lava lamps, skittle rainbows and mini volcanic eruptions! 
Have a wonderful break and see you all next term!
Friday 10th December
This has been a very busy week! We were all very brave when we took to the stage for the first time in so long to put on our Christmas performance. The grown ups were so proud of us and what we achieved.
Alongside our Christmas performance we have started to wrap up this half terms learning. 
In Maths we have been thinking about money, identifying total values and finding different ways to represent different values. We did get a little stuck in our learning pit on Thursday but we worked together and by the end of the week we had worked ourselves back out of it. 
We have also been learning about acrostic poems and over this week we have written 2. One to identify the signs of Christmas and another to say what we are thankful for. We even made some into a poem book to send to our pen pals!
In history we wrapped up our learning by creating posters to show what we have learnt about the Gun Powder Plot, we enjoyed making them last term so much we wanted to do it again. 
Maths: Week 12 due Thursday 16th December
Spelling: Due Thursday 16th December.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Friday 3rd December
We are most defiantly getting closer to Christmas. 
This week we welcomed Mrs Fiore to class Cremyll who will be working with us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and she has taught us how to say hello in Italian. 
We have had a little bit of a strange week, with lots of things out of our routine going on. But Miss Bryant and Mrs Fiore have been very proud of us and how we have managed. 
In Maths we have moved our focus onto money and finding total values, thinking about how we can calculate totals systematically. 
In DT we made our lunchboxes thinking about what joins we could use to make it more secure, including: L-brace, flange, tabs and slot and tabs. 
In R.E we have been thinking about the Christmas story and made Christingles. 
Homework :
Maths- Week 11, due Thursday
Spellings- due Thursday
Have a lovely weekend. 
Friday 26th November 
We had a little sad end to the week saying goodbye to Mrs Soames. We are sad to be losing her but know that she will be amazing in her new role and wish her all the best. 
This has been a little bit of a hectic week for us. We have been working hard to learn the songs for our Christmas play and starting to put the songs together with the story ready for our performance's in a few weeks time. 
In Maths we have completed our addition and subtraction unit, although we shall continue to apply these skills in other areas over the next year. But we are pleased to share that we have finally cracked column addition and subtraction!!
In P.E. we have continued to explore movement through dance and extended our use of canon and unison movements, to improve our sequences. 
In history we have explored our knowledge of other key figures in the Gun Powder Plot  and made Wanted posters for Thomas Percy, who was a Kings Guards who helped in the plan.
Finally we had our last art session at Maker with Lucy and Beth, who over the next few weeks will open the exhibition to any families who want to visit, we are awaiting confirmation of the date. 
This week in Science we made our own winter weather forecasts. Making a map with the symbols and then writing out our forecasts.
Have a wonderful weekend and week!
Friday 19th November 2021
Winter is definitely on the way! This week in science we have started to explore the difference between Autumn and Winter and thinking about what makes winter winter. We explored what happens in this season and then recorded facts about how and why certain things happen e.g. "We wear woolly hats because it is cold."  
In English we have written our very own Rosie Revere stories thinking about other animals that may steal things and what Rosie could invent to rescue them. There were a few dinosaurs, elephants and even a naughty monkey. We attempted to apply our knowledge of expanded noun phrases to make our writing more interesting. 
Maths has been particularly tricky this week. We have started to explore complex subtraction problems and begun to apply our number bond knowledge as well as column subtraction to solve them. 
In R.E we listened to the nativity story and sequenced the events. We were also able to identify key events in the story such as Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and their journey to Bethlehem. 
For music we have been exploring using our voice to create a tune. We are focused on warming up our bodies and voices so that we are ready to perform. 
Dance has been a little trick again this week. We once again worked as a group to put movements to music. Our focus this week was Summer. For our lesson we listened to the song 'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.' and thought about how we to move to the music to show all the things we can do in the summer. They were very creative. 
In Jigsaw we have been thinking about differences and how boring the world we be if we were all the same. This week we discussed this in terms of the British Values and how they underpin everyone's rights to be the selves: democracy, rule of law, liberty,  respect and tolerance. 
Spellings due: Thursday
Maths due: Thursday
A quick reminder the Maths homework books explore all of the concepts that we will be learning over the year if your child is struggling with one and you are not sure how best to support them please do not worry just pop a note next to the question so we can see. 
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Friday 12th November 2021;
What another wonderful week we have had! We have been so busy it has just flown by. 
In English this week we have focused on developing our grammatical understanding to help support our story writing next week. We have worked hard to develop our understanding of expanded noun phrases, and even found a cool song to help us learn, you can find it here:  sing with grammarsaurus 
In maths we have begun to explore a completely new concept of column addition, although we haven't crossed tens yet, and will be moving on to explore column subtraction by the end of next week. Our previous learning of place value has really helped us to apply this concept. 
In dance this week we had our first try at group performances, it was a little tricky to work together at times and make sure everyone got a chance to contribute. But we got there which means our performances next week will be even better.
For history we have continued to explore the Gun Powder Plot and role played the events. We thought about some of the problems they may have had and how they might have worked together to solve them.
In science we discussed how the weather changes with the seasons and how this can allow us to better understand which season we were in. Although we are still working on remembering we don't normally have snow at Christmas, we can dream! 
Our week rounded off with a lovely trip to Maker with Lucy and Beth who have been helping us to better understand a range of mediums that we can use to express ourselves artistically. We shall be visiting again next week and even have a special visit from an artist called Molly who will be helping us in creating the art work for our exhibition. 
All homework is due into school on Thursday. 
Please remember to record your reading in your child's reading record as we use this as well as their phonics lessons, and reading opportunities through our curriculum to better understand each child.  
Have a wonderful weekend!
Friday 5th November
Welcome back!
We have had a fantastic first week back from half term. In English we started to talk about our new story Rosie Revere the Engineer and used this as a prompt to explore our understanding of adjectives, not just amazing. We started to think about more exciting language including: miniature, humungous, glum and petrified. Next week we will be using these to support our writing. 
Maths has become a little more complex, we may have ended up in the learning pit. Although we are working our way back out of it and understanding that we can apply our number bonds knowledge to solve more complex number problems. 
Science is all about seasons this term and we started by talking about the cycle in which they occur. We also discussed how different seasons may effect the way in which we might dress. Next week we will explore the weather and how it changes. 
History this term is all about Gun Powder Plot and Guy Fawkes. This week we discussed what he may have had to help him in his plan e.g. a lantern to find his way as they didn't have battery powered torches at the time. 
Jigsaw this term is all about celebrating our differences and thinking about why it is good that everyone is different. Developing our understanding of diversity and creating inclusivity. 
In P.E. we started our seasons dancing and pretended to be ice skaters thinking about how they moved and created shapes and movements with their bodies. We practised gliding, jumping and spinning to help create a sequence. 
In your child's bookbag you will find the knowledge maps for this term as well as their homework. 
Maths and Spelling are both to be returned by Thursday and you will receive their new homework on Friday.
Have a wonderful weekend!