Autumn 2018

Welcome to Class Cremyll - Autumn term 2018
Weeks 1 & 2
This week in our English learning, we have been introduced to a new book called 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and we have used our imagination to help us think about what a bog baby might be. We thought of a set of questions that could help us find out about it then designed and described a habitat for a Bog baby too. In our Maths learning, we have been sorting objects into different categories before estimating and counting them.
On Tuesday, Daya visited and talked to us about Sikhism. She also brought beautiful costumes for us to wear and told us about different aspects of Indian culture. Our favourite part of the day was making chapatis and then using them to eat potato curry!
Homework - due in on Thursday 20th September
Y1 & Y2 to choose their favourite toy, draw a picture of it and then describe it.
Please continue to read at least 5 times a week and remember to record this in the reading records.
Week 3
This week, we created track games to help us say and write numbers in order - we're really looking forward to playing them at home. We also went on a Bog Baby hunt around the school grounds. We looked under bricks, into the middle of bushes and to the top of the trees - there were lots of signs that the Bog Baby had been there but we didn't see it.
In our art learning, we looked closely at different colours in our environment and learnt that we could sort them into hot and cold colours. In PE, we worked in pairs to practise our dribbling skills and played a game that helped us to learn how to dodge while dribbling - we're really looking forward to our next lesson.
Homework - due in Thursday 27th September
Please play your track game with family and friends then ask them to help you write a simple set of rules for it.

Week 4

Earlier in the week, we worked together as Y1 and Y2 to look at some paintings by the artist Paul Klee and used some of them as inspiration for our own hot paintings. Mrs I was also really impressed with our use of R & R and E for L when learning a new song and then hot seating characters from it. In our English learning, we have thoroughly enjoyed finding out how Chrissy and her big sister found the Bog Baby – some of our predictions were quite close too.

In PE this week, we have learnt about the difference between attack and defence and practised using these skills alongside our dodging skills in an alien versus astronaut game on the field – it was so much fun, especially when Mrs I and Mrs W joined in!

Homework – due in Thursday 4th October

Y1 – please practise ordering the alphabet and then stick the cards in the correct order on your big sheet.

Y2 – please complete the table finding 3 words for each letter of the alphabet.

Week 5

This week, we used our senses to help us explore the school grounds, listening carefully for birdsong and other animals as well as describing how leaves or walls felt. Then we used this knowledge to help us map out an aerial plan of the school and its grounds – we had to be confident in order to imagine we were birds flying over the top of the school!

We also really enjoyed working together to create days of the week posters for our topic display. First, we helped each other to order the days of the week and then we found out what each other did on different days. Finally, we recorded our activities on post-it notes to add to our whole class display – it’s amazing how many of us do similar activities like swimming and Beavers.


Homework – due in Thursday 11th October

Y1 & Y2 – Please practise the spellings in your new spelling book. We know that lots of you will feel confident spelling the words this week so remember to challenge yourself by writing something of your choice that includes the spelling words.

Week 6

This week, we have thoroughly enjoyed our wild tribe sessions, getting to know our school grounds in more detail and developing our understanding of the types of wildlife that live within them. We began by investigating the clues the animals and birds leave, for example, tracks and poo as well as nests and burrows. We discussed the different types of animal homes in more detail and carried out an investigation into the best types of material for a nest – our results showed that we need a lot more practice in making them and helped us to think about how animals have learnt these skills. Throughout the week, we have talked about the similarities and differences between different animals and their habitats and challenged ourselves to design an animal that could live in two habitats. To complete our learning, we put together a set of rules to help others when visiting the countryside and then created posters of our Countryside Code.

Homework – due in Thursday 18th October

Y1 & Y2 – keyword spellings

Week 7

This week in our English learning, we planned the story of the Bog Baby using a story map. This helped us to retell the story with a friend before writing – Mrs I was really impressed with our use of R & R when listening to each other retell the story.

In PE, we continued to learn about attacking and defending, practising new skills before applying them in different games, it was great fun! Our RE learning was also great fun this week, we asked Mrs Miller about her experiences of Harvest Festival before using our senses to help us create thank you poems – the best bit was finally getting to use our sense of taste!

Homework Y1 & Y2

Please read regularly over the half-term break – we will be checking reading records as usual on the Friday. The children are looking forward to being star readers.

Autumn 2nd - Week 8

It was lovely to hear about the children’s adventures in the half-term break. They have been especially excited about trick or treating for Hallowe’en as well as the prospect of fireworks on Bonfire night. This week, we have discussed the safe use of fireworks, thinking about ourselves as well as our pets and created a set of rules to keep us safe.

At the beginning of the week, we worked alongside Class Plym, using our Respect and Responsibility value to produce tints of the colour blue using varying amounts of white. Then, we created our own artwork in the style of Paul Klee – we particularly liked his picture called ‘Little Blue Devil’ which he painted in 1933.

Homework Y1 & Y2

Please complete the spellings in your book and challenge yourself to include the word in the most imaginative sentences that you can create.

Well done to all of the children who are STAR READERS this week!

Week 9
This week, we received a letter from Waddle who was feeling very cross because lots of people say that polar bears and penguins live together at the North Pole. He asked us to make some fact-files about penguins so that people will know that penguins live in Antarctica. We have enjoyed watching video clips about different species of penguins to help us find out lots of different facts.
We have also created collages for our 'Lost and found' book cover in the style of Paul Klee. We have used hot and cold colours and talked about them. As part of our learning about the history of Remembrance Day, we created goodbye postcards and calligram poems - we will be creating a display for everyone to see.
Homework - due in Thursday 15th November
Y1 & Y2 - please complete your spellings.
Y2 - Can you spot at least 10 different ways in which numbers are used in our environment?
Week 10
This week, we have thoroughly enjoyed using role-play to help us understand how the main character might be feeling in our 'Lost and found' story. As part of our learning about the polar regions, Mr Davies showed us a presentation about Captain Scott who led an expedition to the South Pole - it was really interesting to look at how they travelled and to think about why they decided to do it.
In our dance session this week, we practised travelling in different ways around the hall, on our own and also with a partner. The dance teacher said that over the next few weeks, we will be creating our own dance using our choices of travelling movements. We're really looking forward to it.
Y1 & Y2 Homework - due in Thursday 22nd November
Please complete the spellings in your book and create a set of sentences using them.

Week 11

This week, we have learnt about the polar explorer Antony Jinman who comes from Plymouth. It was really interesting to find out about the challenges they have when travelling and to see the food that they eat on an expedition. We then designed a raft that would help him travel across an icy river channel in the Antarctic. We can’t wait to build and test our ideas next week. At the beginning of the week, we created number stories using addition number sentences and played games to help us practise our addition skills too.

Year 2 now have their scripts for our nativity and we did a run through of the first half with the songs. We're very excited about next week because we will be practising most days and FS and Y1 will be choosing their parts too.

Y1 & Y2 Homework - due in Thursday 29th November

Please complete the spellings in your book and create a set of sentences using them.

Week 12
We have had an exciting week - we designed and made our polar rafts for the explorer Antony Jinman. They needed to cross an icy river channel so we tested our prototypes between two tables with a gap of 15cm and we checked their durability by adding a weight. The results were really interesting and Mrs I was pleased that we supported each other when some of our rafts failed.
This week, we created story maps for our own 'Lost and Found' story by changing characters as well as settings and the perils along the way. It was great fun to hear the different ideas that we had - some were set in Africa and some stories even switched humans with animals!
FS, Y1 & Y2 Homework
Please help your child learn the lyrics to the two songs provided as this will build their confidence before our run-through in the middle of next week.

Week 13

Throughout the week, we have been working together with Class Plym on our nativity performance. Mrs I has been really pleased with the enthusiasm we have shown when learning the songs and we are beginning to sing them much more confidently.

Our dance session this week was really exciting because we created, practised and performed our own routines for the space story. It involved moving around space in our spaceships making sure that we avoided planets and stars on our journey to far away galaxies.


Please continue to read regularly and record this in the reading record – we are hoping to have a whole class of star readers this week.

Weeks 14 & 15

Wow, the children have been amazing over the last couple of weeks – their enthusiasm for our Nativity was great to see and they even continued singing during our main performances when there were technical difficulties! We’re very proud of them.

Have a wonderful break and see you in 2019.