Autumn 2021

Friday 5th November
Welcome back!
We have had a fantastic first week back from half term. In English we started to talk about our new story Rosie Revere the Engineer and used this as a prompt to explore our understanding of adjectives, not just amazing. We started to think about more exciting language including: miniature, humungous, glum and petrified. Next week we will be using these to support our writing. 
Maths has become a little more complex, we may have ended up in the learning pit. Although we are working our way back out of it and understanding that we can apply our number bonds knowledge to solve more complex number problems. 
Science is all about seasons this term and we started by talking about the cycle in which they occur. We also discussed how different seasons may effect the way in which we might dress. Next week we will explore the weather and how it changes. 
History this term is all about Gun Powder Plot and Guy Fawkes. This week we discussed what he may have had to help him in his plan e.g. a lantern to find his way as they didn't have battery powered torches at the time. 
Jigsaw this term is all about celebrating our differences and thinking about why it is good that everyone is different. Developing our understanding of diversity and creating inclusivity. 
In P.E. we started our seasons dancing and pretended to be ice skaters thinking about how they moved and created shapes and movements with their bodies. We practised gliding, jumping and spinning to help create a sequence. 
In your child's bookbag you will find the knowledge maps for this term as well as their homework. 
Maths and Spelling are both to be returned by Thursday and you will receive their new homework on Friday.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Thursday 21st October 2021
We made it! What a half term it has been. Miss Bryant and Mrs Soames are so proud of everything we have achieved this term. Getting to know our new peers and staff members. We have quickly become a real team.
This week we have been focused on rounding off our topics and reaching our end points in learning. 
In English we once again showed off our writing skills to re-write The Tiger Who Came to Tea, changing characters and settings to make it our own. As well as thinking of imaginative adjectives to make them more interesting to read. 
In Maths we have been thinking about fact families and how we can use facts that we already know to solve trickier questions for example: if we know 3+4=7  then 30+40 = 70 (as it is 3 tens add 4tens which must make 7 tens).
In Science this week we brought our learning together and worked in groups to create posters to show what we had learnt. We also found a fun song to help us remember some of the more complex facts about animals, you can find it here: 
In history we once again worked in our groups and choose one of the nurses that we have been learning about this term to create a poster to show who they were and what they did. 
In P.E we told our final story and created shapes using our bodies to show key features of our story. Miss Bryant challenged us to show movement, e.g. running, skipping, walking, through a balance rather than a movement.
Finally in Art we created our surreal sculptures, channelling our inner Joan Miro. 
Homework: This half term we have set whole school homework linking our school values to familiar stories, due: Monday 1st November
Have a wonderful, restful half term and we look forward to seeing you all again next half term.
Miss Bryant and Mrs Soames
Friday 15th October 2021.
It has been another busy week here in Class Cremyll. We have enjoyed our learning and worked harder than Miss Bryant could have ever expected she has been extremely proud of us!
In English this week we shifted focus to a new book, The Tiger Who Came to Tea. On Monday we used it as the stimulus to write 4 different kinds of sentences: a statement, comment, question and exclamation sentence. We then sequenced the story and found key vocabulary such as adjectives, adverbials of time, verbs and nouns. 
In Maths we have begun to explore our new concepts of adding and taking away. This week we started by discussing fact families, discovering ways to check our calculations and comparing different number sentences using Greedy Gerty.
In History we learnt about Edith Cavell who helped soldiers on both sides during World War 1 and learnt about the Red Cross.  
For Jigsaw we worked together to build our very own Class Charter and came up with our own class Rights and Responsibilities that we all have agreed to follow. 
For music we used drums and glockenspiels to keep the beat to a tune, further developing our ability to play both tuned and untuned instruments. 
Maths: complete the next section of your work book, due - Thursday
Spelling: complete the next section of your work book, due - Thursday
A little reminder, from Miss Bryant. Could everyone please double check you have the correct jumpers at home? A couple have gone missing this week and they are sometimes picked up by mistake. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Miss Bryant, Mrs Soames and Class Cremyll
Friday 8th October,
We have had a fantastic week this week. Spending our final week exploring the story of  'The Disgusting Sandwich'. We thought about what other animals might be hungry in a park, and what adventures they may go on in search of food. Mrs Soames and Miss Bryant we're both really impressed with our writing. Next week we will begin to explore The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
In Maths we have been counting in groups, reviewing our skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and then exploring how to count in groups of 3. This is something we will continue to review over the next term.  
For Science we explored the 5 senses and thought about which parts of our body help us in using each sense: eye- sight, tongue- taste, ears- hearing, nose smell and our skin for touch (not just on our hands).
In Music we continued to think about playing tuned instruments, glockenspiel, following a tune. It got a little loud but it was lots of fun. 
In P.E we have continues to tell stories through movement thinking about balance and body shape to tell key parts of a story for example A old man was sitting by a tall tree- acting like an old man and sitting on a pretend chair. 
But our favourite part of the week has been outdoor learning for Bring a Stick to School Day where we worked together to build and make using just sticks and our imaginations, Miss Bryant was so proud of our collaborative work and seeing our imaginations in action. 
We look forward to next week and moving on to the next steps of our learning.
Maths to continue to the next section of our Maths workbook, due Thursday
Spelling to continue to section 6 of the spellings book, due Thursday
Best Wishes 
Cremyll Class, Miss Bryant and Mrs Soames
Friday 1st October
What a wonderful week!
We had some year 1 visitors from Plym this week and helped them by showing our fantastic learning behaviours. We shared our story 'The Disgusting Sandwich' and used this as a prompt for writing descriptive sentences using appropriate adjectives. 
In maths this week we have been recalling our number bond knowledge and enjoyed using this to play the Funky Mummy game,, please click the link to enjoy at home. 
In our Science learning we have been exploring our understanding of what animals eat and how we can use this to categorise them e.g herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. 
In art we have continued to explore magical realis and the work of other artist beyond Miro, this week we created our own surreal art work by by choosing from given categorise e.g. animals, line shapes, letters and then creating a picture with these features. Please see the attached photo.
As always maths is the next section in their work books and spelling is page 4 from the spelling packs, please can children return them too school on Thursday for review and return on Friday. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Friday 24th September 2021.
Wow what a week! We have been looking forward to making our chocolate sandwiches all week and we FINALLY got to make them today! Miss Bryant was really impressed with our use of adverbials of time in our instructional writing. We worked hard to recognise the correct sequence of language and realised that finally means it is the last thing to do, not the first. 
In art we have been exploring our understanding of magical realism through the work of Joan Miro and had a go at making our own magical realism pictures. Some of us continued to explore the work of Miro and designed our own signatures in the same style, during independent learning. 
In R.E. we have been thinking about the 99 names of Allah and why they use them in the Islamic faith. We then thought about what positive features people would give us. 


This week we made DISGUSTING sandwiches, just like the badger from our story. We then helped Miss Bryant to write instructions to make a yummy chocolate sandwiches. Once we got them write were made out own and had an extra yummy snack this morning. 

In Maths we continued to think about different ways of showing different 2 digit values. As well as counting and recording numbers to 100  in numerals and words. 

In science we started to think about different groups of animals. We ten had to think about some of the animals we might see and which groups they might be in. It was hard to think of amphibians and reptiles we might see at school. 


Spelling and Maths homework due in on Thursday.

Reading record in school everyday.


Have a lovely week!