Autumn 2 2021

17th December
We have had a fun week.
We have finished our lessons for this half term. Look out for the latest photobooks which will be hitting your screens in the New Year.
Today we enjoyed our Christmas dinner with special mention to Emma, particularly for the pigs in blankets and stuffing.
We are looking forward to our party day tomorrow.
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
Please enjoy some reading over the holidays. We will be looking for 10 sessions by the Friday of the first week back.
Friday 10th December
We were so pleased we could share our play with you this week. We hope you enjoyed it.
In maths we were very successful at multiplying fractions. Year 5 had to remember that to multiply a fraction by a whole number you multiply the whole number by the numerator and keep the denominator. Year 6 had to remember that to multiply two fractions together, you multiply the numerators together and then the denominators.
Please see the videos below of our DT models. We spent a little time finishing them off and then evaluated them against our design specification.
Reading every day
Friday 3rd December
In DT we have made mechanical animals moving using cams. We learnt how to measure accurately and saw safely.
For PE we did cartwheels and rolls. We needed to remember to have the momentum to go into it using confidence.
In French we were learning how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. We had to use our French skills and put together the vocabulary we had learnt and use moins if it was a time to the o'clock.
We have done play practice with props and are looking forward to performing next week.
We have looked at how fossils give evidence towards the theory of evolution in science.
Homework - reading daily
Spellings due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Friday 26th November
We have been focussing on Benjamin Zephaniah's poems in English. Our favourite so far is Fore Word. 
We have also been practicing for our school play. We have to use lots of confidence.
For French we have been working on time using the words for afternoon, evening and morning.
In history we learnt about things that had been found that tell us about the life of the Anglo-Saxons. They were discovered by archeologists. We looked at individual artefacts and thought about what they would be used for and how they were made.
Reading every day
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Friday 19th November
In PE we were learning cricket bowls. You have to keep your arm straight until you release the ball.
Today in DT we designed our moveable animals. We had to consider if our client would like it, if it was safe, if it looked good and if we had the right cams for the movement.
For French we were learning to tell the time and learnt how am and pm are not used in French.
Today is the annual fundraiser for Children In Need. We took part in a special Joe Wicks which included a quiz. We also watched a mindfulness video with Dr Ranj from CBBC and then completed some mindfulness activities. We wore clothes that we were comfortable in.
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths - activity 9 due Thursday
Read every day and get an adult to sign your reading record. Bring in every day to be checked.
Friday 12th November
In science yesterday we were learning about how animals are adapted to the habitats they live in - for example the camel has wide feet which help it to walk on sand and it can go a week without drinking water.
For English today we watched a short film called Origins about a little robot going to a factory. We then got to create and describe our own factory. We had a lot of ideas including a seemingly never ending walkway, a factory made of sweets and chocolate, a magical wonderland and a factory with dripping pipes and moving parts.
In gymnastics we were learning to land from jumps by keeping your back straight and bending your knees. We also learnt different jumps.
Reading every day to be heard and signed by an adult.
Spellings due in on Tuesday
Maths due in on Thursday - exercise 8.
Wednesday 10th November
Today we walked to the War Memorial and read poems we had written for Remembrance Day.
5th November 2021
In PE we were practicing our fielding for cricket - in particular catching. We learnt how to throw a cricket ball to make it bounce before someone hits it. For gymnastics we were doing balances in groups using different body parts. We also made sequences of movements and had to make sure we kept control moving from one move to another.
For French today we were revising numbers and played the game of 21 to practise this. 
Yesterday was outdoor learning day. We went outside and used natural resources to make Christmas or winter scenes for a card. We also made friends with Acorn the friendly robin.
We have found out our parts for the play and have started learning the songs.
Spelling homework due Tuesday
Reading daily
Maths due Thursday
Please remember to return your Mount Batten letter by Friday.