Autumn Term 1 2018

Week One 
We are very proud of how the children have settled so well into school. It has been a delight to observe them exploring their new classroom, building friendships and confidence. It is going to be a wonderful year. 
To support the transition into school, we have set up many activities linked to the children's interests. This has helped to make the children feel excited about learning, settled and secure in their new learning space. 
Our week topic this week was 'Under the Sea Worlds'. We have enjoyed exploring a foamy sea and creating stories in the tough spot tray, creating jellyfish and whales, counting shells and building under the sea kingdoms. 
Year Ones have been excellent role models to the Foundation Stage, demonstrating all of our school values proudly. They are particularly enjoying our new English topic based on The Bog Baby. We have been thinking about where we might find a Bog Baby and what they look like! Next week we are looking forward to describing Bog Babies using adjectives and nouns. In maths we have been focusing on place value and creating number tracks, representing numbers in different ways. 
No homework this week. Enjoy your weekend :)
Week Two 
This week our weekly topic was 'Dinosaurs'
We have talked about different settings and created a stinky dino swamp- it has been very messy! Some of the words we used to describe the setting were 'smelly', 'gooey', 'lumpy' and 'sticky'. 
We have also learnt about some dinosaurs including the Diplodocus. Did you know their brains were the size of a human fist? This made them very silly! 
We have been improving our cutting skills and fine motor skills to create dinosaurs with split pins too.
In PE this week we have enjoyed dance, learning different ways to move our bodies in response to noises and then music. We created movements for noises like 'whoosh' and 'bang'. 
Y1 Homework due next Thursday: Labeling favourite toy
Week Three 
This week our class topic was Enchanted Forests.
We have a magical small world set up in the tough spot tray which we have been using  to create our own stories including mythical creatures. We have been practising using traditional story language, time adverbials and funny voices of characters to make our stories more exciting! 
In maths, we have been learning to add two groups together. We created toadstools and added the spots together to find a total. With support, we were able to make number sentences to match too. 
In art we have been learning about hot and cold colours and discussing how to sort them. We used primary colours to mix and create our own pieces of art. 
Homework for Y1: 
Please play your track game that you have made in school and write a set of rules to go with it. 
Week Four
We have had a week on the farm! 
This week we have been learning the names of 2D shapes and describing them using mathematical terms. We used a range of 2D shapes to create shape sheep! Check them out on our class 'Maths to be proud of' display. 
Using the story of a Squash and Squeeze, we have learnt to retell the story using talk for writing and sequenced the events. 
We have been practising to segment and blend words lots. We particularly enjoy the game 'Snake Says'.  Please use your sound mat to practise sounds at home. 
Y1 Homework:
Spelling Book. Please learn the spellings and apply them in a sentence. 
Week Five 
We have been Wild this week! 
What busy week in Wild Tribe, we have learnt all about wild animals, their homes and how they get their food. Here are some of the activities we have got up to: 
* Creating mud animals, talking about animal features and what makes them unique. 
* Identifying the differences between wild animals and pets. 
* Creating habitats for our mud animals. 
* Looking for evidence of animals, including tracking their prints and poo! 
* Playing predator and prey games 
* Creating bird feeders using pinecones. 
* Learning about fire safety and how to create a fire
* Toasting yummy marshmallows! 
Y1 Homework: 
Spelling Book 
Week Six 
This week we have been learning the story of the Three Little Pigs. 
We have retold the story using spoon puppets and talk for writing. We have also completed book reviews, showing an understanding of beginning, middle and end, as well as setting and characters. We have sequenced pictures of the story and used our story strips to retell the story. 
We have been building houses and measuring the height to order them. We also had a special job this week.... the Three Little Pigs needed our help. Bricks are too expensive at the moment so they needed us to investigate other materials to make their houses from. We used paper and straws to create houses and tested them using a giant fan as the Big Bad Wolf. We found that the paper house was strongest when the paper was folded lots to make it strong and sturdy.