Autumn Term 1 2018

Recently in Class Tamar
In maths we have been developing our understanding of Number and Place Value. We have been rounding which we think we have finally mastered.
In English we continued with our instruction, we made our own instructions of how to make a sandwich. We filmed our instructions in the style of a cookery show.
We have read The Legend of Spud Murphy. We describe Mr Wilde in a similar way to Spud, we wrote really good descriptions, even though Mr Wilde was only slightly offended :) We also wrote The Legend of Spud Norton. 
In science we we looked at the digestive system. Mr Wilde showed a demonstration of the digestive system, it was gross but it helped up remember the stages. We then looked at our teeth, we used dental inspection mirrors to draw a map of our teeth, labelling them and learning the types and functions of the teeth. We have set up a scientific enquiry to investigate tooth decay.
In Music we have been learning to read notes on a stave whilst playing the glockenspiel.
In PE we have been learning to control the ball in hockey, push passing and moving with the ball. in dance we have been developing our sequences, using canon and duets.
In RE we have been looking a Rules for a happy community and comparing them with the 10 commandments.
In History we have looked at crime and Punishment in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Tudor times and discussed cases studies and compared how we would deal with similar crimes nowadays.
Week 2
This week we have looked at musical instruments. We compared and sorted them into 2 groups they were: tuned and percussion. We then used the hand bells to play twinkle twinkle.
We started our new history topic which is all about crime and punishment. We had a look at how the Roman legal system affected ours today.
We started our dance sessions with SpinDrift dance company and enjoyed creating movements to onomatopoeic words. 
French this week focused on words all around the classroom.
In maths we showed a good understanding of Roman numerals and have begun to look at place value. 
We have investigated features of instruction texts, written some instructions and assessed our own work to see what we have achieved and what we need to improve next week.
Daya visited us this week. She talked to us about Sikhism and Indian culture. We dressed up in traditional clothing and danced bangra. We then made and cooked chapatis and used them to eat potatoes curry with.
We started looking at the digestive system and drew what we thought was the digestive system. Lots of us were surprised at what actually makes up the digestive system.
Week 1
After a lovely holiday we are all beginning to settle back into school life. 
This week we have learnt about Roman numerals. We have been making different Roman numerals using lollipop sticks. Some of us have also been enthusiastic and playing around with them at home.
We have been looking at instructions. We wrote instructions of how to make a sandwich. We have been giving verbal instructions to help us develop our structure and vocabulary.
We have been looking at our new whole school topic 'Why do we need rules?' We listed where rules are used, what were rules for, who makes rules and we also looked at are all rules fair?