Autumn Term 1 2021

Below are our photo books for Autumn 1. Have a look through what we have been up to this half term...
When we have our final results from our plant experiment after the half term, you will be able to find our Science photo book here too!
We have had a fantastic last week of this half term. In science we have set up an experiment to test if a plant can survive over the half term without any light, we also made predictions for this. In History we were able to show our understanding of the sequence of events in prehistory. In Art we designed and made our softies with little pumpkins sewn on! In computing we presented our own superheroes, they each had to have special superpowers that helped us with internet safety. In RE we created our own art piece that represented the holy 'trinity'. In music we wrote some of our own lyrics for our 'Hip Hoppy Kid' rap. We made sure we stayed to the beat, each group had 8 beats to work with - we also made sure that we rhymed! 
Have a wonderful half term!
This week in English we have been learning about Stonehenge (this links to our History unit). We started the week researching about Stonehenge focussing on our four main subheadings:
- What is Stonehenge?
- Why was Stonehenge built?
- How was Stonehenge built?
- Fun Facts about Stonehenge!
We finished the week creating our posters. We still need to finish these off on Monday!
In maths we have been focussing on column addition with carrying. In science we wrote up our findings for our experiment on how fast water travels through a flower. We had three flowers sat in water with blue food dye in. One was put in the classroom, one in front of the radiator and one in the fridge. We discovered that the warmest flower transported water the fastest (this flower was the darkest blue and was starting to wilt from the heat!). The cold flower that we left in the fridge was the slowest at transporting water (this flower was the palest blue!). In History this week we moved onto learning about the Iron Age. We learnt various reasons why the Celts lived on hillforts, for example, they were able to see any enemies coming towards them.
In French we practised counting to 20 and then we learnt how to name different buildings that you might find around a town. In PE we continued tag rugby with Zoe. In RE we learnt about the differences between a believers baptism and an infant baptism.
We carried out auditions this week with class Lynher for our end of term performance. We cant wait to find out our parts and start to learn our lines!
Our spellings tests are carried out on Thursdays. Please make sure that you have practise your spellings before then. Try your best to remember the spelling pattern you have been given.
You maths homework needs to be handed in on Thursday for marking, please spend 20 minutes on this. You are on Exercise 5 this week.


This week we have started to plan our letters to the small birds and these are now all written up! We made sure we put in some interesting conjunctions to keep our writing interesting. We also made sure that we put in lots of emotive language and some rhetorical questions to get the small birds thinking about their behaviour. In maths we have started addition and subtraction, using the column method – we have to make sure that we remember to put all the numbers in it’s correct place value and ALWAYS start with the ones!

In music this week we were introduced to the word ‘ostinato’. Ostinato means a repeated pattern in music. We had a go at creating our own ostinato as a class using body percussion. In history this week we started learning about the Bronze Age and had a go at applying for a job as a copper miner! In Science we dissected a Lily flower and learnt about the roles of each part of a flower in pollination and reproduction. In computing this week we learnt about how websites can be shared on the World Wide Web and how to access websites using a wed browser.

Today, for RE we learnt about the holy trinity and what this means in Christianity. We came up with our own symbols to represent the holy trinity. After this we had art which linked to our RE this week! We had a look at some paintings of Jesus's baptism. We looked carefully for where we could see each part of the holy trinity represented in the paintings. We then had a go at sketching our own scene from Jesus's baptism making sure that we represented the holy trinity in our art piece. 

Reading daily - make sure your reading record is in each day to be checked. 
Maths - Please work on exercise 4 for 20 minutes in your booklets.
Remember to hand in your maths homework and spelling books on Thursday 14th October!


We have had a great week! This week we have started working from a Pixar short film called 'For the Birds'. This is about a big bird and lots of little birds, the small birds are being very cruel to the big bird and don't want him to sit with them. It has a very funny ending! We plan to write a persuasive letter to the small birds to stop them from bullying the big bird. We have carried out research on why people might bully to help us with this.  In maths, we have been doing lots of rounding and we moved onto negative numbers today! We drew an underwater scene and had to write the measurements of where each sea creature was below sea level. 
We practised our passing skills in football for PE. In Art we focussing carefully on our choices of colour and drew the inside pattern of a red cabbage. We hade to work hard on our shading techniques to show the different tones of red and purple. In science, we learnt how water transports from the roots and makes its way to the leaves. The water evaporates from the leaves! We had a go at acting this out in small groups making sure we used the correct vocabulary.
We are really enjoying our class book this term 'The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips' by Michael Morpurgo. We have got to the point where Lily is starting to search for Tips. We can't wait to read what happens next!
We got to have a bonus swimming session this week to make up for the session we missed last week. The majority of us got our 25 metres!
Everyone has shown fantastic Enthusiasm for Learning and Confidence this week, especially when we have been learning to swim at the Saltash Leisure Centre! In maths this week we have continued to focus on our Place Value showing our understanding by comparing and ordering numbers. We moved onto Roman Numerals at the end of the week! In English we finished off our unit on 'Escape from Pompeii' where we learnt how to use fronted adverbials to make our descriptions of Mount Vesuvius even more interesting.
Reading daily - make sure your reading record is in each day to be checked. 
Maths - Please work on exercise 2 for 20 minutes in your booklets.
Remember to hand in your maths homework and spelling books on Thursday 30th September!
We started the week finishing off the story 'Escape from Pompeii' and we have been working on building some really descriptive sentences about Mount Vesuvius using expanded noun phrases. We started our football unit and practised dribbling, making sure that we had good control of the ball. We also had the challenge of designing our own pencil cases and ruck sacks with really interesting features, we then presented our ideas to the class. In science, we planned an observational experiment based on plants. Some questions included: What will happen if a plant doesn't have any light? We have also learnt some French this week practising how to ask each other "Where do you live?" and answering with "I live in...". We have finished the week sculpting clay in the shape of an open pepper. We can't wait to take these home and show you, they look great! 
Reading daily - make sure your reading record is in each day to be checked. 
Please make sure your maths homework and spelling books are handed next Thursday!
It has been a great start to the school year. At the beginning of the week, we started our Science unit where we learnt about the various jobs of the different parts of a flowering plant. We also enjoyed doing observational drawings of the inside of a pepper using charcoal! We had to pay lots of attention to detail focussing on light and shade. We learnt about how the internet works and we role played this as a class by sending messages to each other across the classroom.
Reading daily - make sure your reading record is in each day to be checked.
Spellings and Maths will be set next week!