Autumn Term 2018

Friday 12th October 2018
Yesterday we played hockey in tough conditions in the wind however we learnt how to do a push pass by transferring our weight.
This morning we used drama to act out a part of the Millions story. It was fun because we were able to get into character, which also helped us to understand how they would feel. Also as part of our English we were writing a persuasive letter from one character to another.
As part of a computing/science lesson we were researching facts about Sir David Attenborough. One of our favourites was that he won a staring contest with a gorilla. He was also born in the same year as the queen.
We are excited about our upcoming auditions for A Christmas Carol. Details of the homework linked to this can be found below.
English due Monday
Spelling due Wednesday
Reading/audition homework due Wednesday
Maths due Thursday (example calculations below)
Reading due Friday - reduced amount due to auditions
Friday 05/10/18
This week in DT it was fun as we designed our cases. We did three designs and then picked the one that fitted the design criteria best to make a final design.
This afternoon we set up and ran PE activities with class Cremyll. They were able to practice their skills and we could learn and develop leadership skills. We all enjoyed it.
At the beginning of the week we learnt about laws and rights and also discussed the consequences of actions. We then had a debate about them.
We have started using a new book called Millions in our English lessons. It is very good so far, intriguing and funny. We are looking forward to seeing what happens next.


English due Monday - year 5 have been given the list of words from page four to go with one of the activities.

Spellings due Wednesday

Maths and DT Thursday - these are on the same sheet of paper

Reading due Friday

Friday 28th September
Today we were looking at the different life cycles of the three types of mammal and comparing them. We were surprised to learn that some mammals are hatched from eggs.
Yesterday we all took part in a debate to decide whether the application for a zoo should be approved. We took different roles and had to justify our ideas.
In DT we have created design criteria as we are going to be making a pouch/cover for an item using felt and sewing. We had to consider what it would look like and its function.
Due in Monday
English homework
Due in Wednesday
Spelling homework
Due in Thursday
Please spend 20 minutes on your maths homework sheet
Due in Friday
5 times reading to be signed by an adult
Friday 21st September
Today we played benchball in PE which was great fun because we were all involved and playing at the same time. We improved our accuracy by aiming for hoops and cones. We particularly enjoyed tag rugby this week too as we vastly improved our passing skills.
Negative numbers has been one of our maths topics this week. We have used number lines to work out differences across zero and then put our minds to the task of the newspaper challenges. These were difficult but extremely enjoyable to puzzle out in pairs.
We finished writing our leaflets for the David Attenborough Zoo this week and are now in the process of using our most persuasive language to write to a council to get permission for it to be built.
In science we have been learning the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction in plants and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We took a lot of care in writing explanations of these.
Lunch yesterday was our favourite of the week as it was on a Cornish theme of pasties and scones. Yum yum.
Due Thursday
Maths Sheet
Due Friday
-5 times reading signed by an adult
-to have chosen an item to make a case for in DT and have the dimensions written down
Friday 14th September 2018
Today we played hockey and really enjoyed it and the way we had to communicate with our team mates.
In English we are completing a unit on persuasion and we are writing a leaflet to advertise a zoo. We are enjoying using our imagination to come up with enticing features.
Problem solving in maths has been popular as we like the challenge. We also liked Roman numerals as it is fun to do numbers in a different way.
In computing we have been thinking about how computers work and have been doing our own code breaking. This was hard but fun.
We enjoyed team work in French when we were demonstrating our skills and what we remember today in lots of different games.
Maths due next Thursday 20th September
Y5 sheet on large numbers
Y6 sheet on Roman numerals and large numbers
Read at least 5 times and have each session signed by an adult
Hello and welcome to the new school year. This is the place to come for a weekly update of what we have been doing in class as well as a reminder of what homework is due each week. The class have settled in really well this week - a great start to the year.
Homework due Friday 14th September
Reading record to be signed for at least 5 sessions of reading