Autumn Term 2019

Week One
Wow! What a fantastic start to the school year! The children are settling into school so well, we are all very proud of them. 
We have made Mr Grassheads- check out the following pictures! We followed a series of instructions to create them, involving planting seeds in tights and making funny faces. We are going to use our observation skills to document the changes they make over the next few weeks. 
We also learnt about shapes; we were identifying shapes and describing properties while using the shapes to make minions for our class door. Come in and see them sometime. 
This week we also had our first PE lesson, it took a while to change into our PE kit but once we were ready, we had a fun time hopping on spots in the hall and meeting our new PE teacher. 
Y1 homework: spelling due Thursday 19th Sep 
Whole class homework: family tree due Wednesday 18th Sep  
The second week has seen class Plym settling into the new school year very well and getting used to some new routines.
We have been learning some new sounds: i, n, m and d and we have been learning to spot these within words and reading simple CVC words such as 's-a-t' and 'm-a-t'. Ask them to show you how good they are at reading!
In maths, we have been ordering autumnal objects such as pine cones and leaves, in size order, and talking about it. We have been using new vocabulary such as 'smallest, smaller, bigger, biggest, larger' etc.. and some of us even managed to do it with up to five different sized items! The Year One children had a go at measuring the objects using tape measures and cubes and recording their findings.
We have been making pictures of our homes and talking about who lives in our house and discussing how not all families are the same. we have also been looking at different feelings and emotions and exploring how these look on peoples faces. 
Y1 spelling homework due Thursday 26th 
Week 3
Busy busy busy in Class Plym.
Our Mr Grassheads have grown loads! We have been making observations on the changes they have made and recording them in our special books. We have also been discussing what plants need to grow. 
After reading the story 'Rabbit Problem', we discussed one of the rabbits problems and that was being lonely. We talked about what it feels like to be lonely and have made invites to invite people to be our friend. Home discussion point- What other occasions might you receive an invitation? 
In maths e have been learning different ways to represent numbers and additionally, finding one more and one less. We cut out our hand prints and used them to show adding one more well as using a number line. Remember to jump the right way! 
Homework- whole school hat homework to celebrate 20 years of Open the Book and Y1 spelling homework. 
Week 4 
This week in Plym we celebrates 20 years of Open the Book with the whole school. We sang a song and talked about our favourite bible story which is Noahs ark, 
We also had a great time foraging for blackberries and apples on the field. We were very careful looking out for brambles and warning our friends, always using our Kindness Value. We washed our hands and put aprons before using peelers and knives safely to prepare the fruit. Can you guess what we made? CRUMBLE! It was very yummy. We thought of many adjectives to describe the way it looked, tasted and smelt. Later we sequenced pictures of the different steps it took to make the crumble and used time adverbials to help us, such as first, next and finally. 
We have seen some changes in Class Plym this week... We have a new and exciting writing space AND  a fairytale reading space. We are very much looking forward to using our phonics and enjoy these spaces! 
Homework- Y1 spelling due Thursday