Autumn Term 2 2018

Friday 14th December
On Wednesday along with class Tamar we performed our production of 'A Christmas Carol'. We all really enjoyed it and everyone used their confidence to do a good job.
Yesterday we were treated to a tour around HMS Bulwark. We particularly liked seeing the captain's cabin and learning about how they sunk the hull to let out and in landing craft. We were also allowed to sit at the bridge and learn about the throttle.
Last week we finished making our DT project and are proud of the cases/pouches we made. Photos of which you can find below.
We are using our E for L to learn a poem off by heart for the carol concert. We hope you can come and hear it.
Today we wrapped up our whole school topic of 'Why do we need rules?' by putting rules on trial in a courtroom situation. We played the role of barristers, witnesses, clerks, solicitors and the jury and Mrs Norton was the judge. We have filmed this and will be putting it together with work from KS1 to go on the website.
Please see the newsletter about bringing in a donation of food for the Christmas Party on Tuesday.
Friday 30th November
December is nearly here! What a busy week it has been.
We are pleased with how our rehearsals are going for the play. Most of us know our lines, it is now just to use our confidence and really act them.
In maths we have been using lots of practical resources to look at volume and area of shapes.
We have put our arguments together to go for our final film on 'Do we need rules?'. We will be putting this into a trial situation and will be looking for confident pupil barristers next week to put forward the cases.
We had a brilliant afternoon today making our cases in DT. It was lovely to see all the skills and efforts through the unit going together to make finished articles. We will put up some photos next week after we have evaluated them.
In PE we were polishing our duet dances ready to film them for our final piece next week. We use some very dynamic moves.
Please can costumes be brought in to school by next Friday in named bags. If you are having difficulty please let us know.
Maths due Thursday
Year 6 will be teaching their parents why the volume of a parallelogram is the same as that of a rectangle.
Year 5 will be putting their practical work into practice by answering questions on volume. The 2nd page is a challenge but use your confidence and do your best.
Friday 16th November
Yesterday we performed our Tyger poems to each other. We tried to use our voice to suit the line we were saying.
In gymnastics we used our R and R as we had the big apparatus out. We looked at each others' moves to see what was good and what could be improved.
We had our third dance session and we were doing duets and beginning to use lifts. We will be doing more travelling and lifting next week.
On Tuesday we took part in a walk around Millbrook to look at the houses of the people who gave their lives fighting in the First World War. We also looked at the exhibits in the church and saw where our wreaths had been put.
We are now looking forward to taking part in the bring and buy sale for Children in Need.
Due Thursday
Year 5 have a sheet on line graphs and timetables
Year 6 have a sheet on line graphs and pie charts
Friday 9th November
PE has really shone out for us this week. We have really enjoyed putting together what we have learnt in gymnastics so far to make a sequence. We are trying to be in as much control as possible between and in our movements. In dance we were able to show off our individual dance moves with some freestyle time this week but still ensuring we kept to the music.
We have begun a poetry unit this week in English and have been putting our heads together to read and understand The Tyger by William Blake as well as completing some work on rhyming words which we will be using when we compose our own poems next week.
Maths due Thursday
Year  5 have a two sided sheet on interpreting line graphs
Year 6 need to use the two axis provided to draw and then write a story to explain what the graphs are showing 
Friday 2nd November
We have had a busy first week back.
We have begun a programme of dance lessons with some dance specialists and were making patterns of movement to fit with different rhythms.
In DT we had a fun afternoon of trying out different stitches to work out which will be best for stitching together our pouches.
Year 6 learnt about the order of operations and how to use brackets in maths today which they were successful with.
Thank you to those who have been learning their lines already for the play. This makes rehearsals go much quicker and we can focus on the acting.
Yr 5 and 6 both have a two sided sheet. Please spend 15 mins on each side to make a total of about half an hour. Please don't spend all of your time on one sheet as I would like you to practise both topics.
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