Bath 2017 - Day 2

1st June 2017
Day 2
After enjoying cereal, pastries or a fry up (some of us all 3) we walked along the Skywalk up to the American museum. Here we met Ellie who took us down to the Native American exhibit.
She spoke to us about the colonisation of America and how Americans spread west over the plains and toward California. We played the game ‘Journey to the American West’ where we chose supplies and encountered scenarios. Not many of us survived the journey.
We were then shown an arrow and some Native American headdresses and handed around a Mohawk headdress made with porcupine quills. After lunch in a lovely shady spot, we went into the coachhouse classroom and investigated some more artefacts. We had 2 items per group and we had to question what they were and what they were used for. We then presented our findings to the rest of the groups.
We quizzed the children about some facts they found out: Meryn found out that they needed to collect 30 feathers to make a headdress. Daisy said that the person needed to have done something brave and courageous in order to receive one. Mani said they branded animals to show if the animal was theirs. Evie remembered the Native Americans used every part of the buffalo. Mina recalled that William Swain (A real person but the character in our game) when he arrived in California to take part in the gold rush, only had a bible with him when he arrived.
We caught the bus down into Bath town centre. We had an ice lolly which cooled us down and provided us with energy for our treasure hunt. We walked around Bath seeing the sights and hunting clues. Ultimately, we got to the Royal Crescent. We ran out of time so we headed back up the hill for tea.
It's been hotter today than yesterday but the children have handled it brilliantly and we've been hunting the shade.