Catch up quickly

Catch up Quickly

For children who are working below ARE  (Age Related Expectation) a number of interventions are available to help them progress. This includes the reading TAs, guided reading, precision teach and phonics groups.

-       Reading TAs

We employ 2 reading teaching assistants on a job share basis who together ensure full time reading support in school. Both work with the weakest 40% of readers across the school. Their job involves more than just hearing children read, they teach comprehension, fluency, pace, increase vocabulary, expression and reading words on sight. Some children are supported daily and others a few times a week dependent on their needs. The reading TA list is audited half termly based on assessments, however, we are able to provide ‘instant’ and one off support when the need arises. The reading teaching assistants collaborate with class teachers regarding the progress of the children they see. Detailed records are kept and the impact of the reading TAs is monitored by the governing body.

-       Guided Reading

In Key Stage 1 we have weekly guided reading sessions with small groups of children where we explore a range of texts, including different formats, genres and build comprehension, whereby children are organised into groups to practise reading a ‘decodable’ book or text, enabling the teachers to hear all pupils read regularly. Additionally this provides opportunities for pupils to develop comprehension skills. Where appropriate, children in Key Stage 2 also access guided reading sessions to develop targeted reading skills, focused on closing the gaps.

-       Precision teach

Precision teach meets the needs of an individual who is experiencing difficulty with acquiring or maintaining some skills in reading. These gaps are identified by the class teacher and precision teach is delivered by the class TA.

-       Phonics  groups

Phonics begins from day 1 in school and it happens EVERY day – non-negotiable. Phonics is taught in a highly structured programme of daily lessons across EYFS/KS1 and KS2 in age appropriate groups, supported through targeted interventions where need is identified.

Each lesson is logged and evaluated by the group leader to assess progress and make note of any children or skills/concepts needing further intervention. Across the whole school phonics is taught following the Active Learning Phonics Bug synthetic phonics programme which is a dedicated phonics programme that delivers a balanced approach to the teaching of reading using synthetic phonics.