Spring Term 1 - 2022

Wow what a wonderful week we have had with Mrs Collins while Miss Bryant has been in her boring den of doom.
We have been writing lots of letters to Henry to ask him to stop eating all of the books as no one will be able to read them if he eats them all. 
In Maths we have been learning our times tables and using them to problem solve, this was a bit trickier but we got there in the end. 
In R.E we have been learning all about The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon Him). 
In science we have been investigating the materials of the objects all around our school site and thinking about why those materials were used e.g. waterproof, strong, flexible. 
In P.E we have been focusing on 2 skills this week. In gymnastics we have been thinking about different ways of jumping to create a method of travel and in sports we have been learning basket ball.
Finally we had a very calming art lesson developing our water painting techniques thinking about blending to create tone and texture. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Miss Bryant will see you all back in the classroom on Monday, she cannot wait! 
14th January 2022
What a week it has been!
In English this week we have started to talk about formal and informal letters. We have been pretending to be the Librarian who was upset with Henry for eating all of the books. 
In Maths we have started to explore multiplications, we shall continue to develop this understanding over the next few weeks.
Science has been a continuation of are exploration of materials, we have though about the materials that  the different objects in class are made of and started to think about why those materials were used. 
In R.E we developed our understanding of the 5 Pillars of Islam. 
And finally we enjoyed some music and art collaborations. We listened to a piece of music and drew what we heard or felt. 
Many thanks,
Class Cremyll
7th January 2022
It has been a very exciting first week back. We met our new class friend and have been helping to show her the ropes in Class Cremyll. 
In maths this week we have been exploring our understand of making equal groups getting ready to explore multiplication and division.
In English we have been learning all about Henry The Incredible Book Eating Boy, thinking about what books we may want to eat.
We have started to explore our new topic subjects including learning about different materials and writing riddles to explain their features, looking at how the seaside has changed over time, developing our understanding and knowledge of Islam and who Muhammad is and why he is important to Muslims. We have also learnt how to draw a portraits thinking about how to draw the features of a face and where we would draw them and finally we started to learn a new instrument, the recorder, it is going to be a very noisy term. 
Maths homework due Thursday
Spellings homework due Thursday