Summer Term 2 - 2022

Friday 24th June
It has been another exciting week in Class Cremyll, we have been busy learning lots of new things.
This week we have been pretending to be Tilda from the story The Pirates Next Door and have been writing diary entries to explain what we thought about the pirates moving in. We talked about using our senses to ensure our writing was interesting and challenged ourselves to write extended sentences using and, so, and because. 
In Maths we finished our time unit. It has been quite tricky thinking about increments of 5 minutes. We are starting to get this but if we can continue to practise and develop our knowledge that would be really helpful. 
DT has been lots of fun this week we reviewed how to use the claw and bridge to help us when cutting raw vegetables to make a salad. We had lots of fun trying the different vegetables and seeing what tasted nice together. 
In Geography we started to discuss the big 5 animals in Africa as well as other animals that you might find. We then choose our favourites and researched them. We discovered lots of things that we didn't know for example did you know the spots on a cheetah are called rosettes.  
In computing we continued to explore how to use the app Word. This week we focused on how to edit a document. Miss Bryant made us copy a silly sentence full of mistakes and then use the cursor and keyboard keys to correct the mistakes. 
For P.E we continued to work on our team work and communication skills we had some more challenges this week including passing the hola-hoop around the whole class without dropping it or letting go of each others arms. 
Maths: due Thursday 30th June
Spelling: due Thursday 30th June
Have a wonderful weekend.
Friday 17th June 2022
Well are are not sure where this term is disappearing too.
This week we have been busy bees. 
In English we started exploring our new text The Pirates Next Door, we talked about what we thought might happens as well as the language we noticed in text text. 
We have continued to explore out understanding of time, thinking about quarter to and past an hour as well as reading time in 5 minute intervals, this was very tricky. 
For computing we talked about how to save and retrieve a file we had the year 1 pupils visit us on this day so we helped to show them what to do. 
In Jigsaw we started our 'Changing Me' topic this weeks focus was around how living things change over time (life cycles). We thought about the different stages creatures grow through e.g. egg, larve, chrysalis and butterfly. Next week we will focus on how humans change.
In D.T we have continued to explore healthy eating and developed our grating skills to make a coleslaw. 
Finally we really enjoyed our new P.E topic exploring team work. This week we had the mat challenge where we needed to get our team from the start point to the finish without touching the grass. We had to use our listening and communication skill to make sure we had a team plan and everyone was working together to finish the challenge. 
Maths due Thursday
Spelling due Thursday.  
Friday 10th June 2022
What a wonderful first week back. With only 4 day we seem to have achieved so much. 
For English this week we continued to talk about musuems. We research the Natural History Museum and then made posters to encourage people to go and visit. It was so fun seeing all of the exhibits and exploring their website. WE found lots of videos all about different parts of the universe as well as our world. 
In Maths we finished our topic using directions language reviewing the words we use to describe turns and movements and have now moved on to time...
So far we have discussed o'clock and half past. Next week we shall be looking closer at quarter to and quarter past.
For computing this term we shall be focused on typing. This week we learnt how to open Word, how to use 2 hands to type and how to save and close the document. We reviewed the names of some of the key features such as keyboard, curser and start bar. 
In music we will be exploring music about food and using a range of instruments to accompany them. This week we reviewed the use of body percussion and had to think carefully as we needed our voices for singing. 
DT this term is all about salads. This week we discussed where and how they grow and review why we should eat them as part of a balanced diet. Next week we shall be trying and making with them. 
In science we discussed the different parts of a plant and why they are important. Next week we begin our sunflower competition!!!
Finally in Jigsaw we finished our end point by developing our understanding of trust. Our favourite part was playing the elevator game where we had to put trust in our partners that we could work together to sit and stand safely with our arms linked. Please see the pictures. 
Maths: complete the next page in your booklets. Due Thursday
Spelling: page 1 of our new booklets, find and correct the incorrect spellings. Due Thursday
Have a wonderful weekend!