Autumn 2 2023

Friday 1st December 2023


Group 6 – phase 6 SPAG activities

Group 3: fl, fr and sl – we have begun phase 4 consonant blends. It’s tricky! Tricky word: do.

Group 5: language session, c, ci and cy (icy), sc – scene and end of unit assessment games.

The children went to Truro catherdral this week and the amount of ‘wows’ when we saw the building was a delight to hear. We had a tour of the catherdral and looked at little scenes that had been set up to show parts of the christmas story.

In computing the children have been comparing digital art to drawing with pastels. We had to create the same picture using both methods and decide which we preferred. Most children prefered the digital version!

In RE we talked abot waiting for something to happen and hw this links to Advent. On Friday we also got to reveal our class advent calendar and someone got to take the prized book home! The children also identified what is important to Christians at Christmas.

In science we answered the question of why there are so many leaves on the floor in Autumn. We learnt about coniferous and deciduous trees and how deciduous trees lose their leaves because the tempereature is colder and the tree cannot make enough food for itself, so the leaves change colour and fall off.

This week the year two children have been udnertaking some special challenges and they handled them superbly. It was a real chance to show off all of their super knowledge that they have. During this time, year one did some sentence writing practice with a winter theme to go alongside our class book of ‘Winter’s Child’.


Have a super weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 24th November 2023


Group 3: phase 3 sentence reading and matching to the correct picture, phase 3 reading word challenges.

Group 6: Year 2 SPAG challenge tasks.

Group 5: c, k, ch (chemist), ear (pear), are (square).


This week the children have been developing their ball skills in PE to lead up to a mini basketball style game. We have been practising bouncing a basketball and then challenged ourselves to bounce and move at the same time – this proved trickier but the children enjoyed keeping a score of how many they could manage in one go.

In Science the children have been looking at the season of summer. We discusse dhow the temperature is often warmer and it means people can do other activities such as go to the beach, wear less clothing, visit a water park.. We looked at a rainfall graph and found that the summer months are where there is usually less rainfall. We also found out that the summer is when there are the longest hours of daylight.. June and July have up to 16 hours!

The children have been working very hard on their play rehearsal. More and more children have been remembering their lines which is fantastic. It is beginning to come together – fingers crossed!

The children have learnt about Road Safety week so please ask your child to tell you soe ways to keep safe – it is extra important now they evenings are getting darker earlier.

Please remember that we have our trip to Truro on Monday. Children need to be at St. German’s train station by 8:15 am and class Cremyll will be returning to the station at approximately 2:30 pm.

As always, please read a minimum of five times a week and complete one maths workout.

Have a tremendous weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 17th November 2023

Phonics group 6: phase 6 spelling rules.

Group 5: ear as eer and ere, air as care and pear.

Group 3: ear, air, ure, er.

This week in English we have been learning how to use a question mark correctly to ask a character from the story some questions about why he run off. We talked about the words that a question would start with.

In science we built on our previous knowledge of Winter and started to learn about the Spring. We found out that things begin to grow, animals re born, birds that migrated for the winter, return. We found out that the months in Spring are March, April and May.

In Geography the children joined with Class Lynher and crated our own 3D globes. Our task is to decide where Mrs Norton should go on holiday, using our knowledge of the continents and temperatures in them.

We talked about bullying this week for Anti-Bullying week – the children had very sensible discussions.

In PE we have been developing our ball skills by rolling, throwing and catching.

Please read 5 times this week and ensure all homework is completed. Learning play lines can be written in the journal as reading.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 10th November 2023

Phonics group 3: ar, or, ur, ow, phonics assessment games.

Phonics group 5: ir, er, ear, language session, assessment games.

Phonics group 6: phase 6 spelling rules application mats.

This week in Geography, we have been looking at the 7 continent son a world map. We could name them but we found it a bit trickier to locate them. This is something we will be doing regularly to ensure the knowledge is imbedded.

In DT the children have been exploring the types of packaging that biscuits come in. We took the packets apart and looked at how they have been designed and how useful they are.

In PSHE we have been thinking about how we are different but how this is not a negative thing. In RE we have been thinking about who Jesus was – why are Christians so bothered about who he is. We looked at Nativity scenes from other countries around the world and how they chose to depict the scene.

In English we have been writing the instructions on how to make the pumpkin soup that we made and ate on Monday. We had to write instructions beside the photos and ensure that we used imperative (bossy) verbs. The years twos had to challenge themselves further to use adverbs, too.

Please read 5 times a week and ensure that homework is completed. If reading and homework has not been completed then your child will not receive their reward of 15 added minutes of play time on a Friday.

Have a great weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 3rd November 2023



Group 3:Reviewing sounds we’ve found tricky: ai, igh, oa, language session.

Group 5: au, al, language session, ir.

Group 6: Phase 6 spelling rules practice, skills application sheets.


In RE the children have been thinking about what people do to get ready for Christmas. We talked about how Christians have Advent which is like a countdown to Christmas day.


In Computing the children were using tools on the paint app. We learnt that if you press ‘undo’ then the last image disappears.


In English we started our new book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and we had to act out the story to the class. The performances were spectacular, and everyone had a go at using the confidence value and talking. They have also been learning about the importance of instructions and followed verbal instructions to plant a pumpkin seed. Next week we will be making pumpin soup!


In PE the children have been doing Gymnastics. They did some lovely balances using different numbers of body parts.


Homework: handwriting sheet, wordsearch and one white rose maths workout.


Have a super weekend,


Miss G x