Lyme Regis 2018

14th June 2018
Day 1
What a busy day. We arrived in Lyme Regis to beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine, and it stayed all day. We investigated where we were staying (The Hub), had our lunch, put on our sun cream, before heading out to the beach.
On the beach we did some beach tribe science investigations. 
Firstly, we learned about how rocks are formed. We built volcanoes, and then made them erupt.
Secondly, we heard a story about how rocks break down from weather and erosion. We then had to create story sculptures to show how Roger the Rock changed into Simon soil.
We then learned how fossils are created and investigated the sand to see if it was made from organic material (shells,bones). Special mention to Brodie for finding the first fossil!
We we went along the sea wall to sit on the beach for our tea. We were really impressed with the appetites of all the children, they all ate alot. Special mention to Essie for leading the game ‘heads down thumbs up’
We are all inside cooling down watching a film before bed.
Everyone is in good spirits looking forward to our fossil walk tomorrow.
N.B. Multiple toilet trips and water fill trips have been made throughout the day.