Lyme Regis Day 1

1st April 2016
Lyme Regis -Classes Tamar and Lynher - Day 1
What a busy day! After leaving school we had a really good journey, we did do a pit stop at Exeter services but we arrived in Lyme Regis at 12:30. We arrived at the Hub and went upstairs to the hall to leave our bags and then went downstairs to eat our lunch in the lunchroom.
After lunch we walked to the Town Mill. Here we looked around the art galleries and had talks given by the artists in residence. Phil quizzed us on his wonderful abstract art; what could we see in his paintings? We then visited Irena and she showed us her fabulous oil paintings. She explained how she mixes her paints to get different hues. Irena kindly gave us a small print each, which we will use as inspiration for writing. We followed this with a guided tour of the working water mill. Gary explained how the power of the water, turns the wheel, that drives the cogs. Afterward he showed us the stones and them turning to grind wheat. We then bagged our own bags of flour. Afterwards we met Phil in the courtyard where we drew charcoal drawings. He said he was going to display some of our work in an exhibition.
We went back to the Hub, where we set up our camp. We rolled out our mats and sleeping bags and went to the break room to play games. Mrs Wilde and Mrs Welch went to collect our tea so we walked to the seafront and sat on the beach. We then tucked into our tea. After we had a run around and did some observational drawing.
Finally we went back to the Hub and got ready for bed.