Summer 2 2022

Friday 1st July 
What a busy week we have had including our adventure to the cricket in Taunton.
Today we had fun making quesadillas with guacamole and salsa. We all helped to chop and prepare the ingredients and used lots of confidence to try new food. 
In computing we made our own radio adverts and had to think about how to make them persuasive and catchy but also clear to the listener.
Yesterday for their end of school treat, year 6 enjoyed a trip to the Apple Store for a workshop on using IPads to record interviews and then an afternoon of trampolining and fun at adrenaline. Year 5 had fun back at school designing their own parks and had to pick their equipment to fit within a budget. They used lots of confidence presenting them to the class.
This afternoon was our transition time. We welcomed year 4 in and made a design each for our 'Positive Me' board with something to make us smile when we come in the classroom. The we played dodgeball. Year 6 meanwhile worked towards their leavers assembly.
Remember meet on Monday at Mount Edgcumbe
Reading daily
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Friday 24th June
We were experimenting with separating materials in science this week. We use lots of EforL to separate different mixtures using filtration, sieving and magnetic attraction. We have also left a solution in the window sill to see if the water will evaporate and leave the solid behind.
In computing we used lots of confidence to record podcasts this week. We had to speak clearly, stay on topic and open and close our piece. Some of us also managed to add music to it.
For PE we played Danish Longball which was like rounders and dodgeball mixed together. This was good fun.
For English this week we have been working towards performing poems and performed a long one about a cataract (waterfall) which was quite a tongue twister today.
Spelling due Wednesday (because of cricket)
Year 5 maths due Thursday
Year 6 maths due Friday
Reading every day
Friday 17th June
What a wonderful week of weather we have had this week. This made our walk around Truro that much more enjoyable. We visited the cathedral first and got a behind the scenes tour as well as seeing the places that the main activities for worshippers take place. We learnt about the different roles of the people there and heard prayers and the organ being played. Then we went to the Royal Cornwall Museum where we had a hunt for women through history as well as learning about famous Cornish people and seeing a mummy. We thoroughly enjoyed our train ride, for some the first time we have been on one.
Also this week we conducted an experiment in science to see what factor might affect how quickly something dissolves. We chose to change the temperature and found that the higher the temperature, the quicker the sugar dissolved.
We enjoyed our rounders lesson this week, working on our batting skills as well as bowling and catching.
This afternoon we have all taken part in cooking rice and learning how to cook and store it safely. Remember to put it in the fridge within an hour if you are not eating it straight away.
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Reading everyday
Please return all letters as soon as possible, thank you.
Please find below the presentation about the residential. Please ensure the 2 permission slips that were sent home are returned by Wednesday 22nd June.
Friday 10th June 2022
We learnt about electrical conductors in science and we tested different types of metal in a circuit to see which one made the bulb the brightest.
In PE we did rounders and practiced our batting skills. We had to put force into it and inly use one hand.
In history we wrote a letter to a pretend friend as to why they should come to Baghdad. For example it was near a river, close to trade, had education and was near a hospital. It also had the first university.
For English we started a new poetry unit. We listened to a poem about a river and then described the features of the poem. We also learnt lots of new words related to rivers and streams like brook, rill and streamlet.
Yesterday year 6 went swimming to focus on water safety and life saving skills. We learnt how to tread water, wave your hand and shout for help. We also learnt how to take someone out of the water safely and what to do if you saw someone in trouble.
Spellings due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Reading everyday