Autumn 1 2019

We have continued to work on our tag rugby skills, particularly passing in diagonal and straight lines.
In science this afternoon, we have been using the fact that light travels in straight lines to make our own periscopes. We had to line up the mirrors carefully in order to see out of the top.
For gymnastics we put all of our moves together to practice a routine.
We have finished our first class book of the year and are moving on to read Malala - a memoir by Malala Yousafzai.
Yesterday for Mental Health Awareness day we watched a live lesson from the BBC which discussed the different emotions we can feel and also how we can calm ourselves down. It was really interesting.
Practice your spellings and tell us how signed for Wednesday
Practice your times tables and tell us how signed for Wednesday
Bring in your reading record each day having your parent/ adult sign to say they have listened to you
Friday 4th October
In DT we have been learning and trying out different ways of creating bends using cardboard for our class marble run.
We were looking at light phenomenon in science yesterday and how when you put a straight object in water it appears to bend.
We have been using the inverse in maths, particularly in solving 'I'm thinking of a number questions' with 2 parts.
Following an assembly, we have been reading and then writing and editing poetry on the National poetry day theme of 'Truth', these could be absolute truths or opinions.
Due Wednesday Spelling and maths recorded and signed in the spelling book
Everyday Reading record
Friday 20th September
This week we have continued to learn songs in music for our end of term production. We started singing in two parts and layered well.
In science we were learning how we see and the important fact that light travels in a straight line.
We have continued to think about what our fictitious creatures - hexapods - are like for English and how we can use cohesive devices such as adverbials, pronouns and conjunctions to make our writing flow.
In maths we have been learning where we come across negative numbers in real life such as in lifts, football league tables and on a thermometer. We were learning how important the number 0 is when counting up and down.
We finally completed our art project as part of our whole school topic on connections. The image you can see is actually made up of 20 different pieces. We coloured them n without knowing the outcome and then had to fit them together like a jigsaw. We were impressed when they all came together.
Reading record every day
Maths and spelling - details of activities undertaken and signed by an adult due Wednesday
Friday 13th September
We have had a fun first full week back at school.
In PE we have started tag rugby. We were learning to pass backwards this week. We are also doing gymnastics and learnt to do a stag jump.
This afternoon we completed our spaghetti and marshmallow which helped us to investigate free standing structures for DT.
In English we have been writing about the fictional planet of Pandora and creating our own hexapods.
Please see the class letter below which details all of the homework requirements.
For reading your record needs to be signed and brought in every day.
For spelling and maths this needs to be recorded in the spelling book and brought in on a Wednesday.