Spring 1 2022

We used lots of confidence to make the wire frame for our flower sculptures which we stood on a plasticine base. We will be using tissue paper and glue to add colour to them next week.
Enthusiasm was flowing out of the hall this afternoon when we learnt three more new songs in music. A lot of them were energetic today and standing up helped us to express them.
In English we have enjoyed using a film to consider alternative motives in the story of the three little pigs. We are now starting to apply the same ideas to the story of Goldilocks.
Reading every day
Maths due Thursday - you all have an addition and multiplication problems sheet
Friday 14th January 2022
In art we researched flowers and plants online and sketched them in our books to help us think about how we might make them from wire.
For English we were learning prepositional phrases for example: the sheets are on the chair.
For PE we played capture the flag. We needed to use our skills of dodging, teamwork, agility and tactics.
In science we looked at how water and nutrients get into our circulatory system. We got into groups to share our understanding. Some of us used role play while others did a presentation. We used lots of confidence to do it in front of the class.
In music we learnt two new songs. One has three parts to learn which sound really nice when they are layered up.
Spelling due Tuesday
Maths due Thursday
Reading to an adult every day
Friday 7th January
In maths we have focussed on decimals this week, rounding them, converting them to fractions and understanding the place value.
For science we were learning about the circulatory system which takes what your body needs around the body in the blood. The heart is the organ in the system that pumps the blood.
In PE we did a warmup game and then did a fitness circuit. We found the plank a little tricky as we had just done press ups so our arms were tired.
In our other PE we were focussing on teamwork so played some challenging games which needed you to talk through what you had to do. We also tried some non-verbally.
In art we looked at wire sculptures and then had a try at using wire and wrote our names with it. We also made animal shapes like elephants and cats.
For English we are focussing on grammar and have looked at active and passive and how if you use these the focus of the sentence changes.
Spellings due Tuesday
Maths exercise 12 in the book or your sheet for Thursday
5 x reading signed for Friday