Mt Edgcumbe

The whole school began a new topic on sport at Mount Edgcumbe on Wednesday 4th May.  We had fantstic weather, the sun shone all day for us.  We were divided into different groups and we had  to do different sporting activities.  Louie enjoyed playing rounders.  We had the benefit of a ranger called Gary who walked us round the park and told us interesting facts about one of the oldest tree in the world, it was a giant redwood and he told us it was 250 years old and it had been struck by lightning but didn't burn down because it has a fire proof bark.  James remembered that we had been told that Drakes Island was once, a very very long time ago, an active volcano. The sea did not begin until the Eddystone Lighthouse, it was all land until it errupted.  Marley's favourite part of the day was the orienteering, she enjoyed looking for clues amongst all the different trees and plants.  Jake said he got very frustrated in the first hour of kite flying because he could not get his kite airbourne, however which much perserverance he managed to fly his kite and was really happy.  Romilly managed to let her kite out to the fullest extent but then the kite decided it wanted to be free and took off by itself!  This was not the only kite to escape, lots are now on their way to the other side of the world.