Half Term Class Share

23rd October 2015

From September 2015 we are returned to a whole school topic, with the focus being on ‘authentic’ learning starting from an essential question, classes working together and learning from each other concluding with a whole school outcome.


Our question for this term was ‘What’s entertainment?’ and Wishy Washy visited us and entertained us all on our first day back to school in September. We used his visit as a stimulus to make us think, what made it entertaining? Why did we laugh? What made us laugh? Where did entertainment come from? How has it changed over the years?


Today we all met together to cascade our learning so far, to discuss what we would still like to know and to us what we have learnt from others as a stimulus for what we are going to learn next half term. Our outcome will be a 'Winter Wonderland' showcasing elements of entertainment, to which everyone is warmly invited.