Phonic Workshops

1st November 2016
Thank you to all those who attended our phonics workshop on Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th November. It was great to see so many of you there. Phonics is the foundation of reading and writing- it is taught every day and applied across the curriculum and in everyday life.
Your positive feedback shows that the workshops were beneficial and that you developed confidence in supporting your child at home. A few of you have expressed interest in a follow-up workshop in the new year. This is being discussed and  further details will be provided. Thank you for your valuable feedback. 
Please see the PowerPoint attached to revisit our session. Here is a reminder of some of the phonic activities/games discussed: 
* Bug Splat (tricky words)
* Hoop jump-hop-run (blending and segmenting)
* Cupcake case phonemes (alternative phonemes-making new words) 
* Fishing for tricky words with ball balls in water. Timed in teams, with a math link (tricky words)
* writing in water, glitter, sand, pasta shells or lego (muscle memory, tricky words)
* Robot talk (segmenting and blending)
* Flash cards (GPC)
* Water balloons (initial sounds) 
* Bottle tops (GPC, segmenting and blending)
* Reading (everything)
* Tablet Apps- phonics suite and letter lilies.