Autumn 2 2023

Friday 1st December 2023


Tricky word ‘the’

H, b, f, ff, l and ll. The children have wowed me this week with their sounding out and writing of CVC words. Next week we will be moving on to phase 3 – eek!

The children begun their new English text of ‘Peace at Last’. They talked about their own houses and who lives in them and then decided on places that would be quieter for daddy bear to sleep in. The children also suggested that he could buy some ear plugs or close the curtains! We wrote a list of tings from the story such as a cat, pan, cup and bed.

In Maths the children have been building towers with five cubes of different colours. This was to help them see how many different ways five could be made. Eg, 1 yellow cubes and four green cubes. The children then began to look at squares and rectangles and talked about what is the same and what is different between them. The children were then given a square piece of paper and they folded it in lots of different ways to see how many different shapes they could make. They made a square,  a rectangle and even a triangle!

In PSHE the children looked at different types of homes and houses and talked about their own. Some people live in flats, massive farm houses, houses attached to others and a lady at school even lives on a boat!

The children have been thinking about Autumn this week and how so many leaves have now fallen off our outside area tree. They were so excited to change the weather board to December and change Autumn to winter!

Play practice has been going well and the songs have been sounding great.

Have a super weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 24th November 2023

Tricky word: go

Sounds: ck, e, u, r

Maths: looking at the numbers four and five and how these look. We looked at what a Numicon piece looks like, dots on a dice, fingers, bead string, five frame, ten frame, tower, the numeral and the word etc. We read Kipper’s Birthday and counted how many candles he had on his cake. We then had 5 cubes and had to see how many different shapes we could make and discuss how it is still always five, it just looks different.

This week the children have been following and reading a recipe to make play doh. They have made yellow and green and they used some lemon flavouring so it smells delicious! The children have also been making some Christmas decorations and cards and writing the inserts to go inside.

In RE the children talked about who came to visit the baby Jesus once he was born. There were three kings and three shepherds. They gave the baby gifts because he was so special and Christians believe that he is the son of God.

In PSHE we looked at different types of families and how not all families are the same. Soe have two dads, one mum and one dad, some children live with their grand parents.. some families have siblings, and some do not. All of these things are okay and they make us unique.

In PE the children have used the wall bars and balancing equipment again to try and travel in different ways and hold a balance with good control for a count of three. They are getting better and better each week!

The children have been learning about the season of Summer and had to sort clothes into what would be appropriate to wear in winter and what would be best to wear in the summer.

Please keep reading, it really is making a difference and their confidence is growing by the day.

Have a super weekend, 
Miss G x
Friday 17th November 2023

Phonics review of phase 2 and writing CVC words: g, o, c, k and tricky word ‘no’.

In English the children have been thinking about instructions as the poor Gruffalo was very hungry. We talked about how to make a jam sandwich and made our own. On Monday we will be writing the instructions alongside a photo of ourselves making one.

In Maths we have been focusing on shape. The children have explored circles and triangles. They have been on a shape hunt around school and also had a go at making the shapes using natural materials outside. Today we looked at Kandinsky’s concentric circle art and had a go at layering up circles to create our own.

In RE the children thought about what the word precious means as Christians celebrate Christmas because the baby Jesus was born and he is precious to Christian people.

In PE the children used their confidence and went on the wall bars and had to take a body part off and hold a balance for a count of three – they were absolutely amazing at this.

We also joined class Cremyll for their PE lesson and did some rolling, throwing and catching. We also joined them for a play practice and the children with speaking parts projected their voice well.

The children have really enjoyed playing with the little orby jelly beans and pouring them into different containers.

Please read 5 times this week.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 10th November 2023

Phonics: review and reading/writing CVC words with sounds i, n, m, s and tricky word ‘to’.

This week the children have been learning about Remembrance day and creating some poppy-themed artwork. They talked about why we wear a poppy and how this is to help us to remember people who have lost their lives in wars.

The children have also been learning about Diwali as that is taking place on Sunday too. It is the Hindu festival of light. The children listened to the story of Rama and Sita and created some Diva lamps and some rangoli patterns with colourful powder paint and water.

In Maths the children have been thinking about the different ways that we can make three. We spread out three farm animals between two pens and worked out the different ways that we could do this. We could do 2 and 1, 3 and 0, etc. We also had a go at throwing three bean bags into a hoop to see how many land in the hoop and how many land outside – another way to represent the different ways to make three. To finish this off, the children had ladybirds with 1, 2 or 3 spots on them and the children had to sort them. The following day we challenged ourselves to try and see how many spots were on the ladybird without us having to count – subitising!

In English the children have been looking at the different setting in the Bear Hunt story and thinking about what we would see, hear, feel and smell in them. They had frozen water to represent the snowstorm one and it took a scientific turn when they had to work out how to get the objects out of the ice. Some children decided to hold it up in a ray of sunlight coming through the window.

In PE the children have been learning how to jump and land safely; using bent legs and landing on our feet to show that we had good control. In PSHE the children talked about what they are good at and it stimulated a very good discussion about how we aren’t all good at the same things.

In RE the children have been learning about the Christmas story and had a go at acting it out. We have also begun play rehearsal.

Please keep reading 5 times a week, at least.

Have a great weekend,

Miss G x

Friday 3rd November 2023


Phonics: Reviewing phase 2.

  s,a,t,p but focusing on writing CVC words such as ‘sat’, ‘tap’ and ‘pot’. The children all recognised and wrote tricky word ‘I’.


The children have started learning the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. They have been talking about the different settings throughout the story and thinking of adjectives to describe them. We have had ‘blue’, ‘wavy’ and ‘clean’ to describe the water. The children completed their first piece of written English work in their books!


The children had fun carving a pumpkin at the start of the week and they all used their confidence to try some toasted pumpkin seeds – they were gone within minutes because they enjoyed them that much!


The children have been getting very excited about bonfire night and have been using a range of materials such as wax crayons, toilet roll tubes and paint to create firework pictures.


In PE the children have been learning how to carry benches and mats safely. They remembered how to lift a mat by having two children and saying 1,2,3. They learnt that you have to spread out equally on each side of the bench and making sure you don’t put it down on your toes.


In Maths the children have been continuing their learning of what 1, 2 and 3 look like. They have built towers with cubes and used natural materials such as shells and pine cones to see what 1, 2 and 3 looks like.


Please keep reading 5 times a week.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Miss G x