Autumn 2020

Welcome back Class Plym!
This term we have been settling back in after having a whopping six months out of school for some of us!
We have been exploring our classroom again and remembering how to play alongside our friends and listen and share with one another.
We have been learning our phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and learning how to read and write using these sounds. Some of our new reception children are even able to write sentences now! 
We have been learning our numbers and trying to subitise - this means we don't have to count the amount, we just look and recognise how many items there are - it's tricky stuff! 
We have been doing lots of exciting things and as soon as our curriculum books are ready to post online, we look forward to you seeing what we have been up to and learning. 
Homework is always due on a Thursday and please remember to read 5 times a week - practice makes perfect!
Miss G and Mrs M  x
Here is what we have been learning in the Autumn Term