Spring 1 2022

Friday 14th January 2022
We have had a super busy week with lots of learning and it has been absolutely fantastic!
We have been talking about success and what we are good at. We had lovely things like 'I am good at being kind', 'I am good at basketball' and we made special coins with pictures and wrote what we are good at.
In PE we were learning about how to safely carry a gym bench and a gym mat and how many people we needed  for each one. We discovered that we needed to spread out evenly to spread the weight and to bend our legs like froggies to protect our knees and backs.
In Art we looked at self-portraits and looked at famous pieces like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. We looked at how eyes aren't just dots on our paper but that they are round, oval shapes. We spent lots of time looking very carefully at ourselves in the mirror and looking at what colour the different features of our faces are - we DO NOT have purple eyes haha.
In Science we started our exploration of materials and had a look at wood, plastic, glass, water, and metal and discussed some of their properties. Some things were cold, see through and hard.
In Computing we looked further at instructions and how they had to be very precise to build a mister potato head.. if we said 'add eyes' it could mean to add his eyes to the bottom of his head! It needed to be 'add eyes to the centre of his face' so they were in the right place.
We have looked further at our Islam learning and found out the Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. We read a story 'Muhammad and the cat' and found that Muhammad cut his cloak instead of waking the baby kittens, using his kindness value!
Please remember to do your maths and spelling homework, and as always, read 5 times a week :)
Have a cosy and warm weekend!
Miss G x
Friday 7th January
Happy new year! 
I am so sorry that I wasn't here for the start of our Spring term, but I had a lovely welcome back on Thursday with lots of hugs and lovely letters, thank you! 
The year one children got to spend a few days in class Cremyll where they looked at a book called 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' and thought about what types of books they would like to eat - lots said non-fiction books about animals because they are super cute!
They also had a look at tens and ones and explored how a number like 17 is made up of one whole group of ten and then a group of 7. We then went on to compare amounts later in the week recapping the phrases 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to'.
We started our new computing topic this week where we explored what the word 'algorithm' means.. ask us and see if we can remember. It means to give a set of instructions to............
We then made Duplo models using three pieces and had to photograph each stage and create our very own picture instructions for our friends to then follow. We found out that they had to be done in a specific order or it wasn't possible to make the model as it should be.. The same as brushing your teeth, you can't put the toothpaste on after brushing!
Everyone has enjoyed using our stencils this week and we have been practicing our alphabet using the stencils and lots of beautiful colours. We also worked with Mrs Miller to see if we could order the lilly pad numbers from 0-20 - the teen numbers are where it gets super tricky! It has also been lovely to see the children embracing our new vet role play and wearing the doctors outfits to take care of all of the poorly teddies. 
Later in the week we looked at a video story of 'The Way Back Home' where the boy went on a rocket to the moon and he met an alien, it was fantastic to hear the language being used in the discussions and children were even able to identify and name 3D shapes from the rocket - I was super impressed! One child even questioned how the boy would be able to breathe on the moon without a spacesuit!? 
Please can all children read at least 5 times as normal and year ones to complete a page in their math's books. Spelling home work will come out next week once I am a little bit organised and back into the swing of things.
Have a well-deserved weekend of rest and I shall see you all next week!
Miss G x