Summer 1 2024

Friday 19th April 2024

Happy Summer 1 term!

Phonics: ure, er, language session, bl, br.

The children have begun phase 4 which is learning about different consonant blends.

In English the children have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They have made Wanted posters and they have written a new menu for the giant because he kept eating chicken legs every day. We decided that this wasn’t very healthy!

In maths the children have been exploring higher numbers and ordering numbers up to 20. This was very tricky and will take some practice. We have been playing some games and have been learning a few more by sight.

We loved our WildTribe session this week and the childrenenjoyed watching the fire being made and getting to enjoy some yummy toasted marshmallows. The stick friends were a real hit too. Outfits can be kept in school for the duration of the half-term if you'd prefer. We will however send them home if they have been used in adverse weather and get all muddy.

We had the RLNI come and visit us and talk about beach safety – the children knew lots of ways to keep themselves already which was fantastic to hear.

In RE the children have been thinking about what makes a place special and what thespecial places are for them in their lives.

In PSHE the children have been thinking about the role of people in their houses and what special jobs they all have. Lots said their parents cook dinner and clean the house and some children said they have chores to do such as clearing away their toys or putting out the rubbish.

In PE we have begun thinking about Sport’s day so have been looking at the most efficient ways of moving to try and win the races. We tried walking forwards, backwards and sideways. We also looked at walking, running and jogging. We decided going forwards and running was the fastest way.

Please ensure that children are reading, the new phonics books may be a little tricky as we practice the new consonant blends.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Miss G x