Below are pictures of Class Tamar with their thoughts about reading:  

Class Lynher - Quotes & Pictures About Reading: 

Every class has its own mini library. In our library we have every different genre. This means you don’t have to stick to the same ones and read different types of books.


The reading assistants help the children to read and make sure they actually process what you are reading. When you go to read they ask you to recap the book so then they know that you have been taking in what you have read.


Different genres can give you different feelings. Some can make you scared or sad, some can make you happy excited and joyful. Other books in the middle can make you both sad and happy.


I like magical books because they have magical, mystical creatures and can be scary and exciting.      


Reading is important because it helps you with everything like reading texts and maths problems.


The school library has a lot of books from big to small. The fiction books are in alphabetical order. The non-fiction books follow the Dewey system.


The books in the school library are sorted into genres so if you are looking for a certain type you know exactly where to look.