Day 3
We must have tired them out yesterday as the first child did not emerge until 7.30 this morning. Another quiet night. We had a lovely last day using the facilities here. Leia was victorious at the football golf and air hockey was keenly contested. All arrived back safe and well.
Day 2
We are so proud of class Lynher on this residential.
We had a quiet night followed by a good breakfast. The class then all made their own sandwiches and packed their lunches.
It was a short trip to Heligan where we had a fantastic day. We explored the formal gardens and saw amongst others, pineapples, pears, apples and peaches growing, as well as a wide range of flowers. We were then able to plant some seeds which we will be bringing back to school.
After lunch on the grass, we went and looked at the animals before going on the woodland walk and the ropebridge. We then made use of the play area in the meadow before finishing off with a woodland walk and sculptures. The children were fantastic walking all that way round.
Bolognese went down well - barely any left. We then ended the evening with a quiz. Our funniest wrong answer was for the territory/state of Australia which is an island. We had Jamaica! Overall though we were impressed with their general knowledge.
Off to bed now with the option for a lie-in for the morning.
Residential Day 1
We have had a great day.
At Carnglaze we learnt about some of the mining history of Cornwall and discussed spirituality in Cornwall but the highlight for the children were the caverns themselves. They were amazed by the optical illusion of the pools which looked like you could paddle in but were actually metres deep. We also enjoyed a woodland walk with lots to spot on the way including faerie houses, badger setts and spiders!
The children have settled in fantastically at Chicks. They are very pleased with their rooms, most of which are ensuite and it is lovely having the freedom of the whole site as we have it exclusively.
After some rounders and football, we enjoyed fish and chips followed by cake thanks to the parents. We have since watched a film and are now winding down for bedtime.
More to come tomorrow.