School Council Meeting 24th February

School Council Meeting 24th February

Attending: Ella, Marley, Rosie, Jack, Eddie, Brae, Hannah, Alice, Ellie and Ruby

Issues raised:

1) Idea for a healthy snack vending machine:

  • Advantages: making money, healthy food
  • Disadvantages: unfair - not everyone can afford it and we already have free fruit
  • Decision: No

2) Aqullia Magazine - can we buy it for school? - Lidia Y5

Advantages: encourage reading,  different genre, great addition to the library

Disadvantage: cost

Decision: Yes - council to raise money for it using fill a jar. If we make enough we could look at other publications like first news.ACTION: Mrs Norton to organise the subscription and the school council to organise the fill a jar (after Sports Relief)

3) What shall we do for Sports Relief?

Discussed, a whole sports day, running a mile or several miles and a swimathon.

Decision: The whole school to walk or run a sponsored mile. This was decided to be fair for everyone.

ACTION: Mrs Norton to give the information to the teachers in staff meeting. School Council to put up the posters on their board this lunchtime. School Council to share the information with the school in pupil voice assembly.


Health and Safety Issues:

Lose plank on a bench - ACTION Mrs Norton to get handyman to secure it.


Do we feel safe in school?


Date of next meeting Wednesday 9th March