School Weekly Updates During School Closure

Reminder of opening arrangements for Monday 7th September - emailed to every family at the end of term with your reports.

Ok everyone this was a nightmare to organsie and I know it isn’t easy for families, especially if you have more than one child. The advantage is that we are admitting all children the same day and children will get transition time with their previous teacher.

New FS intake: arrive at school at 10.30 and collect your child at 12:45pm

Y1 Class Plym: - arrive at 1pm and then collect at your group time

Y1 Class Cremyll - arrive in the morning at your group time and collect at your group time

Y2 children who were in Class Plym as Y1 (last year) - arrive in the morning at your group time and collect at your group time

Y2 children who were in Class Cremyll as Y1 (last year) - arrive at 1pm and then collect at your group time

Y3 Class Tamar - arrive in the morning at your group time and collect at your group time

Y4 Class Tamar -arrive at 1pm and then collect at your group time

Y5 Class Lynher - arrive in the morning at your group time and collect at your group time

Y6 Class Lynher - arrive at 1pm and then collect at your group time

If that isn’t complicated enough the drop off and end of the day collection times are split into groups A, B and C. These have been given to you and will remain the same every day. This is to ensure we have a reduced number of people around the playground.

These are:

A – drop off 8:45am and collect at 2:55pm

B – drop off at 8.55am and collect at 3.05pm

C – drop off at 9.05 and collect at 3.15pm

If you need a reminder of your group, please contact me. The kitchen is open as usual. So if your child in in FS, Y1 and Y2 they are entitled to a free lunch.

Please observe social distancing rules at all times. If you need the office please call to make an appointment – do not drop in. You will need to wear a mask to come into the office. Parents are not allowed to come into school. If you need to see a teacher please call the office.

No PE bags etc will be needed on the Monday. Your class teacher will let you know which days it is on.

Please be tolerant, none of us have been through this before. We are doing our best to keep everyone as safe as possible. Once we get going plans may well be adapted and changed, we need to see how it runs, please give everyone a chance to get into the new routines. As always your feedback will be gratefully received.

Most of all I can’t wait to open the school up to all the children. It will feel more like a school again. We are all looking forward to seeing the children. I had certainly felt it was too long. See you all on Monday.

Update 3rd July 2020

I can’t believe when I first started writing these I could sit outside in the sun; now we are in July and I’m here in my fleece! This time of year is always chaotic, no matter how well we plan it. It goes without saying that this year completely tops all years, it is mad. You will be receiving  our annual reports at the end of the school year. They are different in format as we can’t provide you with all the usual information. We will email these out to you. The office will be in touch with you if we don’t have your email address. Signed, hard copies of these will be given out to you in September. Y6 will receive their hard copy reports next Friday.

As you are probably aware, the government has now published their guidance on how all schools will open fully in September. We are currently planning how we will address the guidance at Fourlanesend. We work very closely with the governing body who have been very supportive throughout this difficult time. We have a governors meeting next Wednesday afternoon where these plans will be discussed. Following this we will send out the plans to you all. There will be significant changes in the way we structure all aspects of the school day. However, we were thrilled to see that we can keep our classes as planned.

It has been great to welcome more children back again this week, the school is beginning to feel more ‘normal’ again. All the children appear happy to be back.  Due to increased demand you may find that the amount of days your children are able to attend school is reduced unless you are a key worker. This is to make it fair for all children, to give them the opportunity of coming into school before September. A reminder that it is only one parent/carer allowed on the playground and please send your child with a water bottle and a healthy snack.

We received a whopping 23 applications for the teaching post in Class Tamar! We shortlisted for the teaching interview to 7 applicants. This will take place next week. Following this we will shortlist again for the formal interviews. The whole process is taking a significant amount of time compared to our usual appointment system. However, I’m confident we will find a great class teacher to join our team.

Have a lovely weekend


25th June 2020

Places available in school for children in Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5.

We are now able to widen our provision for other children in the year groups above.
We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, however, places are restricted as we’ve seen an increase in children returning from priority year groups (the governments priority- not ours).
Following a review of our risk assessment based on our increased numbers we can only take a maximum of 12 children in FS, Y1 and Y2. This is due to the number of toilets, frequency of use of toilets and the cleaning of the toilets.
Another change is our bubble arrangement. We’ve found it more workable in 2 bubbles. An FS Y1 and Y2 bubble, with a maximum of 12 children. For this we use the shared area and classroom. Our KS2 bubble takes a maximum of 15 children, we have pulled back the large folding door between Class Tamar and Class Lynher.
If you would like a place, please contact the office giving the name/s of the child/ren, your preferred days and your reason for returning your child/ren. We will then be back in touch with you with your allocated days.
Please note, our FS/KS1 bubble is already at capacity on one day and has limited numbers. This is because 2 out of the 3 year groups it covers are classed as priority year groups. Whereas in KS2 there is only one priority year group (Y6).
Again if you need any clarification or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Fourlanesend will open for the first week after half term (week beginning 1st June) just to the children of key workers, please inform me if you require this childcare. During this week, the staff team will together write the necessary risk assessments and procedures based on the most up to date government guidelines. These will be submitted to county to be checked. Once we have these in place we will share with you our detailed plans for opening to Y6, Y1 and FS. Please do not send in your child until you have heard from us as we will not be able to admit them.
Please see the Home Learning tab for links to online resources.
URGENT Here is the link to the list of key workers. Please contact the school by lunchtime if you fall into these categories so that we can organise staff cover.