Spring Term 1 2019

What a busy week.
We had a fantastic visit to the Eden Project on Wednesday. Please see photos below. We met the author of our class book, as well as making bugs in a workshop, exploring the rainforest biome and using microscopes in the lab. We had lots of fun on the way through.
Today we all enjoyed learning more about our whole school topic and how weather affects us in many different ways. We also revisited previous work on shadows and looked at how these changed size and position through the day.
Thank you for your support for 'Fill a jar'. It was a great success!
On Thursday we were treated to a visit from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. They did a workshop with us and then performed a concert. We learnt about the parts of an orchestra and listened to some amazing percussion.
Holiday Homework
The whole school has the homework of designing in their own way a sustainable red nose. Details of this came out on a sheet.
Spellings due in on the Wednesday back as usual
TTRockStars I am really pleased with the popularity of this. If possible please access this over the holiday.
You have a mini reading assessment, maths arithmetic and reasoning assessment which you are to spend 20 mins maximum on and 2 10 minute SPaG tests. These are due in on Monday 25th February. It is imperative that these are completed to the best of your ability as they will be used in lessons in the first week back. Try and find a quiet, comfortable, clear space to work in and do stick to the timings.
Yesterday we finished our PE unit on keeping fit. We all bettered our scores in at least one if not all of the stations. We proved this by finding the mean in maths.
A visitor from the NSPCC came in and gave an assembly and then our class had a workshop on different types of abuse and who you can turn to for help including Childline.
This afternoon we have enjoyed creating a winter palette with powder paint. Linking with our topic, we are going to be creating our own versions of Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory' but changing the picture to match the weather of winter.
English due Monday
Spellings due Wednesday
Maths due Thursday - please go on to TT Rockstar. If you are unable to access this at home, we can let you do this at a break or lunchtime.
Reading due Friday - 5 times signed by an adult
What a fun afternoon we have just had. We teamed up with class Tamar for our Numbers day activities. We played a 'Who wants to be a Mathionaire' quiz devised by the NSPCC and then played the Countdown numbers game and had a times tables play off. Great E for L from everybody.
Elsewhere in Class Lynher we have been writing the beginning of our disaster stories, focussing on using dialogue to move the action on. We have some very atmospheric pieces underway.
In maths we have been continuing our fractions focus and were multiplying and dividing with fractions this week. We have used a lot of confidence.
We have been continuing our keeping fit unit in PE by completing our circuits for the second time with many PBs and taking part in a Joe Wicks schools session. We are also honing our swimming skills and are thoroughly enjoying our time in the pool.
We went out on the playground to look for evidence to suggest the Earth was a sphere and couldn't find any. So we then investigated the different evidence for and against this theory and came to the conclusion that it is in fact a sphere, even though our own eyes try to tell us something else.
Spelling due Wednesday - remember to spend time learning them as well as putting them into context in a sentence
Maths due Thursday - you have a fractions sheet related to what we have done in class
Reading - Lets try for 100% of 5 times reading this week. We were very close last week. Remember we are trying to get to at least our bronze award around this half term.
We have had a busy week!
Our first session of swimming went really well and we are looking forward to going back next week.
We have begun an English unit linked to our whole school topic and we wrote diary entries as workers at a natural disaster. We are now going to write a recount article for a newspaper based on it.
At the end of this half term we are going to be visiting the Eden project to see the author of our new class novel - Beetle Boy. We are enjoying the story so far.
For our other PE session we are looking at fitness and did a series of activities in a circuit this week. We will be doing exercise to help build our strength next week and then doing the circuits again to see if we improve.
For computing we did a session on keeping safe on the internet and discussed age restricted apps and games.
Spelling due Wednesday - remember that you need to learn the spellings as normal but you must also write them into a sentence each to show you understand the meaning of them.
Maths due Thursday - you have a sheet related to what your year group have been doing on fractions this week
Reading - 5 times to be signed by an adult