Spring Term 2018

Friday 9th February
This week has been the second of our health and wellbeing weeks. We have focussed on internet safety and mental health this week. We took part in an assembly for parents today singing a song about safe internet practice and also sharing some drama about what you should/should not post on social media.
We have been looking at mindfulness as a way of helping to keep our minds healthy and have tried out a few activities including listening to a bell, colouring and visualisation. We found these helped us to feel calm and peaceful.
In PE we came up with our new wake and shake for after half term.
We finished writing our guides for being an explorer in English. We then evaluated them and thought about the values we had used through the unit.
Homework for half term
To complete at least 2 of the mindfulness challenges and be prepared to share how you found them on Friday 23rd Feb
5 times reading to be signed by an adult
Friday 2nd February
This week we have been trying out some writing activities that Mrs Ferguson brought back from a course. One of these was when we worked in a group to write down a different word at a time (we were told which word class it had to be). We write nine words in total which then made a silly sentence. We had to make sure it was grammatically correct and sometimes had to change verbs to fit.
In PE we worked on a squat through vault. This was tricky as you had to bring your knees through the middle and make sure your toes didn't catch the boxes. We were very encouraging to each other. We then had a vaulting competition, building up from the shortest box to the tallest.
To learn the words for the song with Mrs Illingworth
5 times reading for Friday
Spelling/handwriting for Friday
Friday Jan 26th
This week we have been joined by a Swedish student in our class who has come to see how the education system works in England. She seems very nice.
We were lucky to avoid getting wet on Wednesday as it tipped it down at the start of our trip into Plymouth. We caught the train in and went for a workshop at the Apple store where we got to use Apple pencils on the IPads. These worked like real pencils and we did art with them. We also got to use Bluetooth headphones to create our own tunes on Garage band. Our third activity was coding spheros to move along the ground. We had lots of fun. Then we had a guided tour by a medical student around Plymouth university to see what the campus and the courses were like. We were surprised by how many different things you  can study.
On Thursday for PE we first practiced forward rolls. Some of us managed this for the first time. We then progressed to pike rolls where you have to keep your legs straight through the roll. This was very hard but some of us managed it.
Reading due Friday
Maths due Thursday
Spelling/handwriting due Friday for a test
Friday 19th January 2018
Today we learnt how to do stag and split jumps in PE. We did them on the floor and off of apparatus. It was tricky to keep your legs straight where needed. In a stag it's hard because you have to concentrate on bending one while keeping the other straight. Also on Monday we did fitness circuits. It tested our resilience.
Throughout the week we have been completing assessments to see where we are and what we need to learn next. We have all shown confidence and enthusiasm for learning.
At the end of Friday last week we really enjoyed listening to parents talk about their different jobs.
Yesterday we took part in a Live lesson linking PE and maths together. We joined in with schools across the country linking work in class to the broadcasted video.
In science we started to look at the circulatory system. This involves the heart, lungs and blood vessels.
We were lucky to have Sue from Chartwells in to teach us about where bread comes from and we got to knead our own pieces and eat them at lunchtime. They were really nice. It was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.
Maths - sheet on ordering fractions due Thursday
Reading due Friday
Spelling/handwriting due Friday
A happy New Year to you all. We have returned to school full of energy and enthusiasm for our whole school topic of What could I be?
Friday 12th January 2018
Last Friday we were very lucky to have a visit from Maya Plass. She is a diver and marine biologist who came in to share with us her experiences in her job. It was amazing because she brought in lots of equipment and it was funny watching her dry suit inflate.
This week we have focussed a lot on challenging stereotypes, particularly in gender. We have had some very fascinating conversations.
To link with our new topic we all thought about what we would like to be in the future. At the end of the term we are going to see if this is still true.
On Monday Mrs Cunningham took us for netball and we were learning to chest pass, we also got to pick whether we did tag rugby or hockey.
Yesterday as part of our raising aspirations week we worked individually and as a pair to beat our scores in various skills with a tennis ball. We all beat our individual scores and with encouragement and kindness most beat their paired score too.
In maths we have been converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers. The whole class attacked this with enthusiasm and confidence.
Today we are looking forward to hearing members of the school community talk about different jobs that they do.
5 times reading due Friday
Spelling/handwriting sheet due Friday
Maths fractions sheet due Thursday