Spring term 2019

Spring term 1

Week 1

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas break. This first week back we have been on a shape hunt. During this week we have been consolidating our 2D and 3D shape knowledge. We discussed how many edges, faces and vertices each shape has and explored the differences between 2D and 3D shapes.

We created our own weather forecasts and presented these to the class using our brilliant confidence. We listened to Vivaldi’s four seasons and predicted which piece of music was each season. We used these pieces of music to create some winter compositions. We also created and planned our weather drawings in art.

Week 2

This week we have been exploring seasons through music and art! We had a lot of fun creating our thunder and lightning collages and explored how to make collages using different materials, including tissue paper and foil. We also painted winter pictures using our 2D shapes, describing what the properties of the shapes are as we painted. In music, we used our impressive listening to list the instruments used in a piece of music by a brass band. It was really interesting hearing all the different instruments and how they sounded like different seasons.

Week 3

This week we have begun to learn and read the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ and find out about his wonderful travels around the world. We imagined what it would be like to be the meerkat and wrote amazing postcards from one of the countries he went to. We learnt a lot about Madagascar and what the weather and climate is like there. We decided as the adventurous meerkat we wanted to go to the Amazon rainforest next and created diary entries of what it would be like to go there.

We created summer floral scene painting and made collage paintings of a winter’s frost day. We also explored measurements in mathematics, discussing which objects were taller and shorter and measuring these items.

Week 4

We have had a very busy week! On Monday we really enjoyed watching the production of Robin Hood and loved joining in with the singing. As explorers, we described what the weather and climate is like in the Amazon rainforest. We explored where the Amazon rainforest is on Google maps and discussed how we would get there. We researched all about the Amazon rainforest and created fantastic fact files on the rainforest.

In art, we created some etchings of strong winds using crayons. We created our etchings using photos wind photos from whiteboard to help us. We also learnt about tone and tempo in music and created our very own wind and rain sounds using the instruments.

Week 5

This week we have been planning, designing and making our weather shelters for Beegu. We discussed and evaluated what materials we could use, looking at plastic, wood, metal and fabric. Together we explored the different materials we could use for the shelters and predicted which materials we think would be waterproof and windproof. We then made instructions on how to make our shelters using our brilliant time adverbials.

Week 6

This week we learnt about the story of Saint George and the fierce dragon. We learnt about what happened in the story and sequenced the story using story boards. We created wanted posters for the dragon and used our brilliant descriptions to describe what the dragon looked like and how he moved. The class created their own stick puppets and role played out the story.

We also learnt about what we should do when being kind and nice to one another and how we look after each other in the class. We also researched extreme weather conditions and discussed what we could do during these bad conditions.

Spring term 2

Week 7

A welcome back after the spring half term! We had a very busy first week back and found our very own dinosaur egg in the playground. We drew pictures of what we think the dinosaur may look like and gave them names. We have also looked at different objects inside a treasure chest and used these objects to help us create story maps for writing our own stories.

This week we became mathematics investigators and learnt about the different ways to answer subtraction questions. We looked at how many pieces of fruit we would have left if the dinosaur ate some. We also created amazing rain dances and discussed our movement and how we can control our bodies to look like rain.

Week 8

This week we found a crocodile egg in the classroom! We looked at our story ‘The enormous crocodile’ to imagine what our crocodile may look like and used this to make wonderful descriptions. We hot seated and role played the story of the enormous crocodile and imagined what it would be like to be each character. To find our loose crocodile we created wanted posters and used our amazing descriptions to detail what the crocodile looks like.

We discussed what it means to live healthily and looked at yummy healthy foods. We also created our weather dances and moved like the different types of weather. We used our movements to dance like rain, cloud and wind.

Week 9

Red Nose week! We have had a very exciting week learning all about comic relief and what they do to help people. We had BBC spotlight in to film our special alternative red nose wake and shake and film what alternative red noses we made. We learnt about what comic relief does and how it helps families like Farhad, a refugee boy from Iran. We found out about Farhad’s journey from his dangerous home in Iran to the refugee camp in Syria and discussed the differences and similarities compared to us and Farhad. We also learnt a lot about single-use plastic and why it is bad for the environment and discussed what we could do to make a difference.

Week 10

This week we have been role playing our story ‘The enormous crocodile’ and adding speech for our acting. All the children used fantastic confidence and performed these role plays in front of the class using wonderful voices for the enormous crocodile. We created our very own stick puppets of all the characters and described what the characters sound like, look like, and how they move.

Also this week we have been using watercolours for our summer paintings and creating landscape paintings of a sunny day at the park or beach. We used different brush sizes for different effects and learnt about painting in different stages. Finally, we have been designing and planning our wind turbines and will be making these next week. We are very excited to be creators once again.