Spring Term 2019

Spring Term - Highlights


Week 1

We have been learning about low and high pitch sound in science using a string telephone with different types of cups (metal &plastic). We have also been writing about how the weather affects us ready for the launch of our topic this term.


Week 2

We have been learning about the rules of direct speech and using this in our writing. The year 4’s really enjoyed their first swimming lesson and are looking forward to going back next week. Year 3 helped show the younger children the new Wake & Shake routine.


Week 3

We have been learning about the water cycle involving evaporation and condensation. In Science, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We pretended to be the particles in a solid and how the structure changes going into liquids and gases.


Week 4

This week we conducted a water cycle investigation and a making clouds investigation. We found it really interesting watching the clouds and the rain forming in the experiment. We did a Joe Wicks routine building our fitness and we are hoping to beat our personal best.


Week 5

We have been filtering water using sand, gravel and cotton wool. We debated ‘do miracles really happen?’ and this afternoon we are learning about flooding. We are going to go around the school to see if we think the classrooms are flood ready.


Week 6

We researched information about how plastics damage the ocean and wrote letters to our parents to persuade them to reduce their plastic use. We wrote a diary entry about what it would be like to marvel at a miracle and experience it first-hand.


Week 7

On Wednesday, some of us went to Sheviock to help plant trees with the Family Foraging Kitchen. We have been writing branch stories in computing based on either a fairy-tale or weather. We played hockey in PE practicing dribbling, tackling and passing.


Week 8

We have looked at how to resolve differences. For World Book Day, we dressed up as heroes and villains and we wrote a short paragraph where our character met their nemesis.


Week 9

We have been learning how Comic Relief helped the artist, Farhad. We have been looking at Turner’s artwork and created our own stormy scene pictures in the style of Turner. We have had so much fun filming about us not wearing the Comic Relief red noses and what we are doing instead. We have been filmed doing dances, catwalks and various interviews.


Week 10

 We have continued our stormy seas pictures in the style of Turner. We worked on impressive descriptions in our stories. We have been drumming in music/PE and we have also developed a new wake and shake routine.

Week 11

 We have been drumming using the yoga balls,practicing different rhythms whilst doing aerobic exercise. We will be turning our classroom into a rainforest biome for our weather exhibition. In PHSE we have been working in teams to complete jigsaws without talking. This was to develop our collaboration skills.

Week 12

We have been learning about the 4 different levels of the rainforest, the locations of them and the animals that live in them. We enjoyed our museum yesterday, teaching the parents about rainforests!