Spring Term 2020

A warm welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful break.

Week 1

This week we have been writing book reviews of our current reading book. We debated who our favourite character was and what our favourite bit of the story was. We enjoyed presenting our ideas to each other. Also this week, we have started to learn about photographer and artist Carl Warner. We looked at his photographs of fruit and vegetables and drew our own sketches of his pieces.  In PE, we started off our topic of dance and learnt the basic movements of dance. We have our first swimming session next Tuesday, we are all very excited.

Week 2

During this week we have been learning about our favourite reading books and what makes them special for us. We had a whole class discussion on what we thought makes an interesting read. We also have started to discuss our dreams and goals for the school year and our aspirations for the future. On Tuesday we had our first swimming session. We all thoroughly enjoyed swimming and diving for the objects. In PE, we made discussed the rules of playing basketball and made posters to remind us of the rules.

Week 3

In this week we have been learning about the Northern hemisphere, the Southern hemisphere and the equator line. We found the two hemispheres and equator line in the atlases and maps and discussed which countries are in each hemisphere. Then in groups, we researched a country of choice from each hemisphere and created a fact file. We used iPads and atlases and found out how far away each country was from the equator line. In PE, we played basketball and used our posters to help us remember the rules of the game. In Swimming we enjoyed practising our front crawl and beginning to swim on our backs.

Week 4

This week we have been reading our story ‘the promise’. From looking at the front cover we have predicted what we think the story is about and who the main character is. We debated whether the main character was a good or bad character and what promise she might have made. In geography, we wrote the beginning of a story on an explorer who is stepping off the plane in a new country for the first time. We discussed beforehand, what country and what hemisphere the country belonged to and had to describe what we thought the country would be like. In PE, we played in a basketball tournament using the rules we agreed.

Week 5 

This week we have been weather presenters! We researched our countries from the Southern and Northern hemisphere and found out what the weather and climate is like. We then presented our findings on the large map and used our confidence to present the weather. In PE, we continued to use our respect and responsibility to work hard in swimming. We have been continuing to practice the front crawl and water safety rules. We also have been continuing to read our book ‘the promise’ and have written our own list sentences using alliteration. Finally, in mathematics, we have been working hard to learn our times tables and have been multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit and 3 digits by 1 digit.

A warm welcome back, I hope you have had a restful half term!

Week 1

This week we have been looking at the opening of our story ‘the promise’ and thinking about the different antonyms we could use to make it a happy opening. We then used our wonderful antonyms to rewrite our very own opening of the story.

In PE, we created posters on how sports and activities make us feel good and positive. We discussed how we feel after doing physical activity and why getting our heart rate is important. In Music we have been using our listening ears to identify the different instruments in the piece of music ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. We discussed what tempo and dynamics mean and identified the different tempo and dynamics in the start, middle and end of the piece. We found a forever fact of why some songs have a faster tempo, to create tension and suspense.

This week’s homework is a times tables colouring sheet and lots of TT rock stars games please.