Spring Term 2 2019

At the beginning of the week we blitzed ratio and worked hard to get a good sense of what that means.
On Tuesday, some of our class took part in Songfest at Plymouth Pavilions, singing in front of hundreds of people. They were so confident and it filled us with pride to see them on stage.
Yesterday we were delighted to throw the doors open for our school museum. This was a great opportunity for us to show off what we have been learning to our school community. We had live tornado and tsunami demonstrations, as well as models showing what life is like in different biomes around the world. We also served up soup and scones devised from our seasonal food DT project as well as sharing the artwork we completed in the style of Salvador Dali.
Today we were a stream of colour, parading our Easter bonnets down to the Church on the rock for our Easter celebration. Back at school we have also taken part in an Easter Egg hunt and parade to choose the best bonnets.
Holiday Homework
Read as much as you can in an effort to get to the next stage on Bookquest.
English comprehension homework for year 6 only due in on the Wednesday we get back
Maths year 5 1 double sided sheet on prime numbers due in the Thursday we get back - please spend a maximum of 30 minutes on this
Year 6 You have a test and another sheet. Please spend 30 minutes on each.
We have been spending time putting our learning together ready for the museum exhibition next week. Our biome models are taking shape and we are looking forward to explaining them to you.
In DT we linked what we have learned on a balanced diet with seasonal produce and have planned a mini balanced meal to give out at the museum consisting of scones and soup.
We have been very active this week with a netball tournament and a football tournament. We worked well as a team to come third at netball and continued our winning streak in football - 6:0. Five of the goals came from our class.
On Thursday, a singing teacher came in to work with those of us taking part in Songfest next week. He thought we were sounding really good.
In English we have been enjoying planning and beginning to write our own stories in the style of the one we have read, ensuring the theme of our story is clear to our reader. We are going to put them into a class book.
Year 6 surprised themselves with their speed at picking up algebra. They didn't believe Mrs Ferguson that they have effectively been doing it since they started school.
The only homework due next week is English due to bonnet making ready for our procession to the church next Friday. We are really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  
Wow we are 'buzzing' with the thought of next week and the attention surrounding our alternative fundraising for Comic Relief.
We have been very busy this week. We are continuing with our book The Eye of the Wolf and have been exploring the point of view of Blue Wolf which we have put into a timeline on our working wall.
We had great fun in our music/PE lesson making rhythms while taking part in aerobic exercises.
Swimming lessons are going very well and many of us are already surpassing 25m.
Maths due Thursday - you all have number puzzles. Please spend at least 20 minutes attempting as many of these as you can. Also please go on TT Rockstars if possible.
Reading as usual due Friday
I hope you all had a fun half term. The weather was fantastic for it. We have had a busy first week back. In art we have changed one of Dali's most famous works into a winter scene.
Some of us had the opportunity to go and plant a copse and learnt a lot about the life cycle of plants.
We have begun our new book 'The eye of the wolf' and are looking forward to seeing what happens. In maths we have all been using our confidence to understand decimals and in science we have been looking at how the understanding of our solar system has changed looking at heliocentric and geocentric theories.
Maths - Each year group has a sheet on decimals linked to the work we have completed in class. Yr 6 also have a ten minute test. Due in Thursday.
Reading as usual due in Friday