Summer 2019

Summer term 2019 - Welcome back!

Week 1

Our term has begun with plenty of enthusiasm and respect too, with the children sharing ideas and listening to each other in well-being sessions. We discussed the importance of friendship and how to be a good friend and created friendship hands for each other in our first session. In our second session, we listened to a story about a child who had lots of worries then created our own worry monsters to help us talk about anything that was worrying us – our monsters are all unique just like us!

Homework due in Thursday 2nd May 2019

Y1 – Please complete the spellings.

Y2 – Please complete the spellings and Maths activity.

Week 2

This week, we have been investigating different forms of travel and transport, beginning with the early longships built by the Vikings. We thoroughly enjoyed finding out how they used larger boats to cross oceans and they used smaller boats to navigate rivers – they would even lift their boats out of the water to get around obstacles using wooden logs to roll the boat on land! Mrs I has been really impressed with our enthusiasm and confidence when reviewing different aspects of our maths and English learning too.

Homework due in Thursday 9th May 2019

Y1 – Please complete the maths activity.

Y2 – Please complete the spellings and grammar activity.

Week 3

Throughout the week, we have been reviewing our understanding of key skills in maths like addition, subtraction and times tables – our confidence has really grown again when explaining how we solved calculations. Earlier in the week, Mrs W read us a story about a child who worried about lots of things then we shared some of the things that we worry about. It really helped us when we created our unique worry monsters as they helped us to see that some of our worries were easy to sort out!


FS, Y1 & Y2 – Please find out about Cornish cakes and biscuits ready to share your ideas on Thursday 16th May.
Week 4
Throughout the week, Y2 have completed statutory assessments in reading, maths and grammar. We have been so impressed by their enthusiasm and determination and they should be very proud of themselves! Our Y1 children have also shown confidence when working with Class Plym this week.
During the week, we practised our running technique including using our arms effectively and finding good starting positions. It was great fun practising walking quickly with a beanbag on our heads and we are getting better at not getting tangled up in the hula hoops!
FS, Y1 & Y2 Homework
Please read at least 5 times this week and ask an adult to record it in your reading record. We would like to have a whole class of star readers this week!

Week 5

Our week has been full of activity, from designing our own vehicles for the future to practising sports day races together. We thoroughly enjoyed practising for each type of race and used lots of enthusiasm when tackling races like the sack race which most of us found particularly challenging (we did find it funny too). As part of our history learning, we put ourselves in the shoes of Orville and Wilbur Wright to consider what it must have felt like to actually fly in their flying machine. We also considered how the onlookers and journalists must have felt too. Sports Day on Friday was brilliant fun and the weather was perfect for us. Have a lovely half-term break!

Y1 & Y2 Homework for Half-term Holiday

Please could you practise telling the time to ‘o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. You could challenge yourselves to telling the time to every 5 minutes.

We will be checking our telling the time skills on the first Monday back.

Weeks 6 & 7

Our focus has been on our topic question ‘How can I express myself?. We came up with lots of ideas about how we might do this: through role-play and drama, stories and poems, music, art and many more besides. As part of our learning about Hinduism, we listened to the story of ‘The Deer and Crow’ which highlights the importance of friendship and is told to Hindi children too. As part of our PE, we are beginning to learn the rules for rounders as well as the different skills you need when batting and fielding. This week, we have enjoyed listening to and investigating the Edward Lear poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. We came up with lots of ideas about why the honey was wrapped up in a five pound note with the money, for example, it stuck the money together to stop it from getting lost.

Y1 & Y2 Homework – due in Thursday 20th June

Thursday next week is Superhero Day - please write a character description for your superhero.

Weeks 8 & 9

Over the past week, we have imagined being on the boat with the Owl and the Pussycat when they sailed away for a year and a day. Everyone had different ideas to share when we mapped out their journey. As part of our Design Technology learning, we worked together in groups to think about when we have parties and why. Then we realised that you usually have finger food at parties and we can’t wait to try some next week! We definitely found it challenging to sort different foods into their categories so we’re going to have a bit more practice at that. Mrs I was really impressed with the way that FS, Y1 & Y2 children worked together using R & R.

FS, Y1 & Y2 Homework – due in Thursday 4th July

Please design a poster to advertise an end of term party.

Week 10

It was so exciting on Monday afternoon when we got to taste-test two dips and two dippers. Before we started, we talked about how important it is to check that everyone can eat the different types of food at a party and how we can make sure there is something for everyone, even if they’re vegetarian or have intolerance to a particular food. Our favourite dip was definitely houmous but we liked both the breadsticks/pretzels and the carrot sticks as dippers. We are really looking forward to designing our own dips next week! Y2 had a really enjoyable trip to the ancient meadow in Millbrook – we discovered different types of plant, we learnt about their seeds as well as seeing the giant ant mounds throughout the graveyard. We collected seeds and leaves to help us remember our journey – a big thank you to Vix.

FS, Y1 & Y2 Homework

Please make sure that you are reading at least 5 times a week and remember to talk about what you are reading with an adult.