Summer Term 1 2019

We have particularly enjoyed our PE this week. We have taken part in a Joe Wicks workout schools video, played some dodgeball and practiced for sports day. This week we were focussed on the running races, practicing print, shuttle relay and circular relay. A big shout out to Oli and Alissa who as a team of two beat the rest of the class who were in teams of 4 for the shuttle relay- what a team!
Many of our class took part in the maypole dancing as part of the Black Prince celebrations on Monday and had lots of fun. Also some of us took part in the town crier competition and Daisy won in her category. Congratulations.
Some of the fantastic, creative efforts of year 5 at showing 'How can I express myself?' are on show at the back of the hall including fabulous self-portraits and poems that really show the personality of this group. Mrs Adams is really proud of their efforts.
HOMEWORK- NONE apart from getting lots of sleep year 6. 
If you have forgotten to bring in your recipes for the Cornish bake-off, you have until Monday.
We had our first rounders match of the year today alongside sports day practice. We were working on sack race skills and using hurdles to practice two footed jumps.
Many of us were also practicing our maypole skills ready for The Black Prince Festival on Monday.
Year 6 have really shown R and R this week in their practice tests and have shown great improvements. We are really proud of their efforts.
Year 5 have started work on our whole school topic of How can I express myself? We made word clouds with lots of different ideas around, we made acrostic poems with our names and also did a self portrait.
Some of us auditioned for Town Crier this week. We learnt lines and performed them in front of some of the other pupils. We will do our final performance in the competition at the Black Prince Celebration.
All - 5 times reading due in on Friday
Yr 5 - words due Monday, TT Rockstars practice
Yr 6 - Continue with online revision
All - please research traditional Cornish recipes and bring them in on Wednesday  
We have had a busy three days back at school.
In maths we have been looking at measures and how to convert between metric ones, making use of our place value knowledge.
We used a writing task in English to share our best memories from school, making them engaging for the reader and using editing time effectively.
In preparation for sports day, we tried out each of the races and discussed what skills we need to hone before the day. We will now work on these.
We had an interesting discussion on drugs and how they can be grouped and the effects they have on the body and mind.
5 times reading to be signed for everyone.
Year 5 vocabulary homework - bring in 5 amazing words and their definitions to share with the rest of the year. Housepoints for the most creative and unusual.
Year 5 maths - TTRockstars
Year 6 revision homework - please go online to revise for maths and English. Suggested websites: BBC Bitesize and Mymaths. If you find any others particularly useful please share.