Summer Term 1 2019

Week 1
We have been doing maths combined with art, using different lines - perpendicular, vertical and horizontal to create pictures. We have started our new topic: ‘how can I express myself?’ and have started thinking about the different ways we can express ourselves
Week 2
In PE we have been practising for sports day and doing lots of stretches so our muscles don’t hurt. In Science we have been grouping things into ‘plants’ and ‘animals’ using MRS GREN - the seven life processes of living things.
Week 3
We have finished Christophe’s Story and written reviews and blurbs about the book. In PE we did some sprinting in preparation for Sports Day. In Science we have been learning about animal habitats as well as what invertebrates are.
Week 4
We have been learning about bugs in science and then began designing our own! We had to label them using the technical words for the different body parts. In PE we have been practising for Sports Day. We have also enjoyed having lessons in our outdoor classroom this week.