Summer Term 2

Class Lynher have shown a very mature attitude in their approach to sex and relationships education this week. They enjoyed being quiz masters to test their knowledge.
They showed great enthusiasm when designing a 10 star hotel for children - thinking about what the bedrooms would be like, what facilities they would have and what food would be offered.
In preparation for the festival we have been practicing our acts as well as researching mocktails for the juice bar and working out if they are cost effective.
Please practice your acts for the festival
Please see alternative page for the Outdoor Ed photos 
We have had lots of different things on this week.
On Wednesday, we were learning about how living creatures are classified using the Linnaeum system and seeing how the scientific names of animals are formed.
We had a fantastic turn out of superhero costumes on Thursday and the class drew some fantastic comic style scenes of their hero in battle with their arch nemesis.
On Friday year 6 were a credit on their trip to Duchy college. See photos below.
Another busy week of the summer term has flown by.
Year 5 helped to build a Cornish hedge following our session last week with the Kerdroya project. They all enjoyed it and learnt an interesting fact about where some stones come from. Do ask them.
This afternoon we were visited by Helen Marks who did a workshop on money and keeping your finances safe. There were some really good questions from the children.
In English we have continued with poetry and had fun writing poems about things children say or that we wish parents would in the style of Michael Rosen.
We were making progress with our throwing and catching skills in rounders yesterday and are waiting for the weather to be kind to us so that we can use them in a full match.
Due Monday - English
Due Wednesday - Design your own superhero
Due Friday - Read on at least 5 separate days and get your record signed by an adult
Please refer to the residential page for photos of this week.
For Wednesday 3rd July Prepare an audition for the FLE Festival - up to 2 minutes long. It can be for a talent of your choice that could be performed on a stage. Also be prepared for the bearded lady auditions. You know what I mean.
Welcome back to what may be the last term of the academic year but is also looking to be the busiest.
We began a poetry unit in English, looking at the Cornish poet Charles Causley first followed by Michael Rosen.
In PE we have been playing tennis as well as focussing on our bowling and batting skills for rounders. 
Year 5 used their confidence this week completing assessments while year 6 have begun to put together their piece for prize giving.
We are really looking forward to the Fourlanesend festival at the end of term and began practicing a song from The Greatest Showman for our class contribution.
Yesterday we were very fortunate to have a workshop delivered by Joe from the Kerdroya project. This is a project linked with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is celebrating the Cornish hedge. We learnt what this is and were then able to go and compare theory to practice by looking at the one in our playground. 
Please read the newsletter each week to keep abreast of all of the activities going on. Next week year 5 need to remember to bring a set of old clothes and sensible shoes for walking through the woods.
Due Thursday 13th June - maths. For year six this is problems and year 5 comparing and ordering decimals.
Due Friday 14th June - reading. Please get your reading records signed and see how many more bookquest certificates we can get before the end of term