Summer Term 2020

I have a very special message from Mrs Miller to all of class Plym:
' Dear class Plym, 
I hope you are well and still having lots of adventures at home. Most days I like to go for a walk for my daily exercise and enjoy seeing how our hedgerows are changing now it's well into spring. 
Thank you so much for all your smiles and waves when I see you out and about.This makes me smile and feel happy. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
Best wishes, 
Mrs Miller x'
Dear class Plym!
I miss you all ever so much and can't wait until we are all back together singing the weather song and learning new silly dances. I love seeing all of your lovely arts and crafts and beautiful home learning writing - I am so so proud how even during this rubbish time, you are still using your Enthusiasm for Learning value. 
I have been doing lots of reading and dog walking with Sherlock which has been lovely with all of this beautiful sunshine that we have been having - I even remembered to put sun cream on to protect me from the rays!
To moms and dads, you are doing brilliantly during this super hard time. Please don't feel too pressured and overwhelmed with the work set, you need to do what works best for you and your family. Keep going, I'm here rooting for you too. 
Please keep reading and practising your letter formations and sentence writing my beautiful class Plym-ers, I hope to see you all very soon.
Lots of love, 
Miss G x

Monday 27th April


Everything will now be on google classroom but because I don’t seem to have everyone from class Plym logged in yet, I’m posting it here too. If you have any problems logging in, please email Claire in the office for your login details.  

‘’Sometimes I feel Sunny’’ – Gillian Shields and Georgie Birkett – listen to the video.

Have a discussion about feelings .. which ones can you remember from the book? Discuss what makes you feel: happy, sad, angry, excited, nervous. Can you pull these faces in a mirror? Or pull a face at someone in your house and get them to guess what emotion you’re trying to show. Have a talk about how it feels not being at school.. do you miss your friends, your teachers, school dinners and play time?


I feel happy when…..

I feel sad when…

I feel angry when..

I feel excited when…

I feel nervous when…    write in full sentences using phonics, capital letters, finger spaces and capital letters.


find some household items –can you be a human weighing scale and hold two items and say which is ‘heaviest’ and which is ‘lightest’. Order a number of items by weight.. doyou have a scale in the house to then check if you were correct?

Capacity – different sizes cups, bowls, jars, bottles, buckets. Can you fill them to ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘half full’, ‘almost full’? Which holds the most? Does the taller one hold more than a shorter, wider one?

How many cups does it take to fill a bigger jar? A bucket etc?Explore and discuss this. 


Can you find any stones/pebbles in the garden or local area? Can you use your emotions knowledge to create different feeling faces on the stones? You could use pens, paint, crayons.. I can’t wait to see your beautiful designs!


What bugs/mini beasts live in the garden or around your home? Can you make a check sheet.. ladybird, ant, woodlouse, worm, fly etc.. Go on a hunt and see what you can find and where. Where did you manage to find the bugs? What sort of environment did they like? Was it wet and dark, or warm and light? How many different bugs can you find?



A body percussion session


This is a song that we learnt and they can teach you the song and the actions.


Please continue to practice learning all of the high frequency words in the back of your reading book. Once you can read them, can you learn to spell them too?



Stay safe, 

Miss Gillespie x


Flamingo Plays Bingo – watch the video 

Reception – help your family/siblings to make number cards 0-20 and then see if you can recognise them in a random order. Can you them order them?

Year 1 – help your family/siblings to make number cards 0-50 and then see if you can recognise them in a random order. Can you them order them? 

Create your own bingo board! Jumble up your number cards and place them face down. Take in turns to choose a number at random, say what it is and if anyone has that on their board, cross it off. Shout ‘BINGO’ (but not too loud) if you have a row and/or a full house. Get everyone in the house playing!


Can you use chalk or paintbrushes in water to write the numbers outside? 


The story says that the number 2 is shaped like a duck – can you write out some numbers and see if they look like any other animals? Can you draw the animal to go with it and then write a sentence label for each one. ‘Two looks like a duck’ - use their phonics to write it so they will likely end up writing ‘to’ as it sounds like the tricky word ‘to’. 

Writing challenge for Miss Gillespie – ‘’what can you see out of the window?’’

Recipe For a Story – Ella Burfoot.


Listen to the story video.

Your challenge is to create your very own and exciting story for Miss Gillespie to read.

You could do a section/task each day so that it is manageable, fun and by the end of the week you’ll have your very own super story.

Day one:

  1. Create your own story setting – a beach, a forest, a shop, a park, space, Kenya?

-        Think of some exciting adjectives to describe it – gloomy, scary, frightening, colourful, smelly. Use your senses – hear, see, smell, touch. Taste?

Day two:

  1. Create your own character/s – is it a human or an animal? What does it look like? How old is it? Is it big/small? What is it wearing?

Day three:

  1. What is the problem? Is your character lost somewhere? Are they hungry? Have they lost on of their shoes?
  2. How do they feel?

Day four:

  1. Ending/resolution. How will it end? Is the problem fixed? Is it a happy or a sad ending?

Maths year 1:

This is a link to the next section of our maths that we only got to briefly touch on. Some of it will be revision and some will be new things – enjoy it. You can do measuring the shoes in the house using string or anything as a non-standard unit of measure. You might measure how many steps long each room is and order the amounts from longest to shortest. You might want to measure how many pieces of pasta long something is. You could do some cooking for measurements (pretend you’re baking a story like the book does!) or even just playing with a bowl of water and some different sized cups and pots and seeing if they hold more or less than others.

Maths Reception:

Numeral recognition for numbers 0-20. Can they identify them out of order? Can they order the numbers?

-Introduce the concept of doubling – two lots of the same amount. You could paint one side of paper with spots and fold it over to show that it has doubled the amount of spots. You could use coins, buttons, grapes, pasta – anything really!

-Afterwards/alongside, look at halving. It’s SHARING an amount between two people/groups EQUALLY. They must have the same. This can be done easily with two plates or bowls and an even number of grapes, sweet or pasta and share them ‘one for me, one for you’ until they are all shared and then count how many each person has.

Feel free to have a go at the year one challenge of length and height and measurement too!


Encourage the children to be a narrator as well as the author of their book/story. Can they design a front cover with a title and the authors name? Can they do a lovely picture to match what the story is about? Can they draw pictures on each page/section of their story? I cannot wait to see some of them!


The children might also like to go out into the garden or during a walk, find some sticks and create their own puppets to act out their story before writing it to ensure it’s embedded in their head and therefore easier to write and remember. They could use leaves as dresses and grass as hair- we made our own stick man in the Autumn term so they should be super duper at this kind of activity.


Joe Wicks daily PE sessions on youtube if possible.

Cosmic yoga on youtube.

Jack Hartman on youtube.


And as always,


Read. Read. Read.

I miss you all heaps!

Miss Gillespie x