Summer Term 2 2022

Friday 24th June
It was camping week this week! Please see below the pictures from our trip...
Friday 10th June
Welcome back to the Summer 2! We've had a busy week this week. It has been lovely to see you all in your red, white and blue to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. 
We started our Rounders unit this week by practising our throwing and catching skills. This was definitely trickier with tennis balls than it was with Netballs in the Autumn term!
In Science this week we learnt how to build simple circuits. We realised that the more batteries the circuit had the brighter the bulb will get and the more bulbs we added to a circuit the dinner the bulbs got. We also had fun problem solving why some circuits were working and some were not.
In French we were reading from a TV guide and learnt how to find the correct programme for the time given to us in French.