Summer Term 1 2024

Weekending 19th April 2024

Welcome back to the summer term and a bit better weather!

For both groups in maths we have stared new topics with Year 4 starting decimals as tenths building on our previous fraction knowledge. Year 3 have now started mass and capacity, specifically looking at grams and kilograms this week.

We have been looking at performance poetry, specifically ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. We have read it aloud, developed ideas and changed the poem so that we could perform it. We found out that voice, volume, pauses and stops, actions and mime as well as sound effects make for a better performance.

We have recapped the water cycle and the fact that precipitation is snow rain or hail and the importance of rivers to take the water to the sea. In art we have undertaken sketches to record and develop ideas in our sketch book and in RE started to find out about Pentecost.

This is a normal home learning week with spellings, reading every day and at least 20 minutes of TTRS. If Year 4 wish to practice the tables check, the link for this is:

Enjoy your weekend

Rouen Gargan, Emily Green, Jenna Welch