Spring Term 1 2022

Friday 21st January
In English this week we started a new unit. We have been planning our metaphor poems about a storm - we were inspired by the storm in the video 'The Windmill Farmer'.
In maths, year 4's have been dividing 3 digit numbers by 1 digit with remainders and the year 3s have been dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit.
We learnt all the different types of teeth and what their functions are in Science! Molars: they grind the food; Pre-molars: hold and crush the food; Canines: rip and tear the food; Incisors: they bite and cut into the food.  
In PE we have continued practising our netball skills. We practised our defending skills by playing small matches!
In Art we painted our doors, we were mixing white into our secondary colours in order to make different tones of the same colour.
In music we joined with class Lynher for singing. We learnt and sang the songs: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen; See you Again; and Rockstar. We ended the lesson with one of our favourites - Try Everything.
Friday 14th January
In English we finished our Monster Pizza Instructions unit, some of us need to finish these on Monday. They are disgusting! This week in PE we continues with our Netball unit, learning a new pass: the shoulder pass. In music we learnt a song called 'Try Everything' - this is a very catchy upbeat song. We had to slow the tempo down whilst learning it so that we could keep up!
In Science this week we learnt the functions of each part of the digestive system. Class Tamar are becoming experts when talking about the journey our food goes on after it's entered the mouth! In PSHE we shared more of our goals for the future and reflected on how it might feel if these are not achieved - we each have chosen something positive to think about when we do feel disappointed by something that hasn't gone our way.
We started our Art unit this week. We will be learning and practising different painting skills focussing on different buildings and features of buildings. This links nicely to our geography where we are learning about settling. This week we learnt about the needs and requirements early settlers had when choosing a place to build a home, these were: water, shelter and food.
Spellings due Thursday
Maths exercise 12 in the book or your sheet for Thursday.
5 x reading signed for Friday
Friday 7th January
To start off our week we set ourselves some new years resolutions that we then all shared with each other. In English we started our Instructions unit - we will be making instructions for a monster pizza. This week in PE we started our Netball unit and practised our passing skills - we learnt how to do a chest pass and a bounce pass. In music we learnt a song called 'Wish'. There were three different layers to the song so we split into three groups and sang the three different parts together.
In Science this week were introduced to the digestive system - Matilda brought in a book that illustrates the digestive system that she shared with the class, great E for L! In PSHE we shared our goals for the future and looked at how we can achieve these.
We finished the week with some baking to finish off our DT unit from last term! We baked bread - some of us made sweet bread with ingredients like chocolate and honey and some of us made savoury bread with ingredients like cheese and olives. When our bread was baked we evaluated it, focusing on appearance, smell, taste and texture.  
Spellings due Thursday
Maths exercise 11 in the book or your sheet for Thursday
5 x reading signed for Friday
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