Topic Films

Autumn Term 2021 - This term we have been focused on the question: How do you learn? 
Our Summer term topic was ‘Do we need plastic?’
Watch out video to find out what we discovered.
Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘What could I be?’ 
This is the video of the outcome of our 'Arts' week.
Our Summer 2019 topic question was 'How do we express ourselves?' We ended our topic by holding our Fourlanesend Festival. Unfortunately, the weather was bad so it was held in the hall. One of our parents arranged stage lighting, the impact was spectacular!  This was also professionally filmed by a parent and we are currently awaiting the edited film to post here. Watch this space.
Autumn 2019
Please watch our end of term film which celebrates how the children are connected to each other in answer to our question 'How far and wide are we connected'. They have had a really interesting term exploring connections, for example: connecting body shapes to form art; connecting our countryside to sculpture; how we are connected to our ancestors in the Stone age; how our area is connected to America; how we are connected through our features and how music can connect all us through our end of term shows. 
Our Spring term topic was ‘What could I be?’. Aspiration and Inspiration. Challenging stereotypes.
Watch the video of what we’ve been upto:
Our Autumn term topic is 'What does Kernow mean to me?'
This topic will allow us to celebrate and focus on Cornwall.
In the Autumn term we answered the question ‘Why do we need rules?’
Summer Term 2022
What Things Move?